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Home Forums News Evil world: Man killed by a homeless man who he helped take off the streets

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    Evil world: Man killed by a homeless man who he helped take off the streets

    Moses Ewan(pictured below), a 35-year-old homeless man has confessed to killing his neighbour in Brooklyn, New York.

    Evil world: Man killed by a homeless man who he helped take off the streets
    Evil world: Man killed by a homeless man who he helped take off the streets

    Police reports state that Moses Ewan made the confession to the crime and told shelter workers Friday night, July 2, that he murdered his roommate, Ronald Snoddy, 67, whose body was later found with multiple stab wounds in his East New York apartment.


    Evil world: Man killed by a homeless man who he helped take off the streets
    Evil world: Man killed by a homeless man who he helped take off the streets

    A neighbour who lived near the victim at the Spring Creek Towers said she could never have suspected Moses Ewan of taking another man’s life.

    “I spoke to him about the word of God,” said the neighbour, who was too scared to say her name.

    “I said you have a very powerful name. I would always encourage him. ‘Go to church. Be positive. These streets are no good.’ ”

    The neighbour further stated that she sensed something was not alright about Ewan but was shocked to hear him confess.

    “To me, he was always a sweet person,” the neighbour said. “I can’t believe I know the killer.”

    The friends of the deceased said Snoddy took Ewan into his home about three years ago after meeting him at a local grocery store where Ewan worked and learning about his plight.

    Snoddy who had reportedly lived in the Spring Creek Towers for more than 25 years, did odd jobs, including a stint as a parking lot attendant.


    His neighbours say he loved to cook, and often went to the supermarket, which was where he met Ewan.

    “Ronnie’s the kind of person who’s too friendly,” said neighbour Migdalia Vega.

    “You meet him, you have a friend for life.”

    Vega (pictured below) said she was just at home with her daughter Friday when Ewan knocked on their door after the murder.

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    Man killed by homeless man who he helped take off the streets

    They heard him, but by the time someone reached the door, he was gone.

    Police said Ewan later showed up at the 30th St. Men’s Shelter in Kips Bay, claiming he murdered his roommate in an apartment they shared.

    According to a criminal complaint, Ewan showed up at the shelter saying he couldn’t go home and needed a place to stay because he had killed his roommate

    Shelter officials also called police, who went to the 10th-floor apartment on Saturday at 4:30 a.m. where the body of Snoddy was found sprawled out on a bedroom floor with stab wounds to his head and body.

    Ewan was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

    Another neighbour revealed Snoddy had survived a stroke last year.

    “He was a survivor,” she said, describing him as a “people person” with “a good heart.”

    “Honestly, I was kind of scared of him,” she said. “One day I was sitting out there and I guess he felt comfortable enough to conversate.”

    She said he asked her if she had a boyfriend.

    “I said ‘Oh, I’m going upstairs now.’ ”

    The woman said Ewan always complained about having to sleep on the sofa.

    “OK, if you’re living in someone else’s house, they’re not going to allow you to come in their bedroom,” she said. “Get you a pullout bed and put it in the living room.


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      This is so sad. The heart of men is desperately wicked.

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      what evil world… such a kind hearted man but he just had to be paid with evil…hope God accepts him into his kingdom

    • #20405

      GOD!! why would you let a complete stranger and junkie into your aboard… this is depressing

    • #20406
      John Adeleke

      so its now a crime to be kind right??? the bible says we should be kind to one another… so what should we do secure our lives now??

    • #20419

      this is sad, men are making other men unkind to each…



    • #20430

      The picture of the man shows it all. It’s evil man.


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