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    Joy never believed there was true love until she met Steven. Steven was godly, kind and caring. Both of them were deeply in love and built their relationship on scriptural principles.

    Steven, a promising young man was a manager of a popular bank in Nigeria.

    In the year 2007, they decided to get married. But something strange happened the same week they were supposed to get married. Joy suddenly fell sick and was rushed to the hospital. The wedding was postponed till further notice because of her critical condition.

    One year passed but there was no improvement. Everybody, including Steven’s family and friends gave up and counseled him to forget about Joy and get someone else to marry when her health challenge was becoming worse but he never listen to them because he loved her so much.

    Steven stood by Joy, his fiancée through out her health challenge.

    He spent so much on her medical bills and even sold one of his cars to make sure his fiancée was back to her feet.

    Glory be to God. After a year and two month, God intervened. She’s perfectly ok. They are happily married today with 2 beautiful children!

    True Love Is Known In Time Of Challenge or Difficulties Not When Everything Is Fine.

    Love Is Beautiful But Is Not Cheap. It has a price tag. Real love is expensive. It will cost you some things. This is what many lovers today don’t want to deal with. Show me that love that didn’t cost a thing and I will show you a love that isn’t worth a thing. Sacrifice is a cardinal proof of love.

    Anyone who is not willing to sacrifice what it takes for your love to fly isn’t worthy of your time and attention. Real love will cost you.

    Love brings you joy. It heals your pain. If all you feel is pain with your partner, there’s something wrong with the relationship.

    Love will enhance your life and make you better. When love comes into your life, it will enhance it, improve it and make it better.

    Don’t start a relationship, if you are not ready to get committed to make it work! Don’t start a relationship if you don’t understand what love means. Don’t start a relationship if your mission is to toy with someone’s heart and run away.

    Love doesn’t make you cry. If all you do is cry because of the pain your feel in your relationship, something is wrong. Your tears should be tears of joy, not pain.

    Don’t say “I Love You” if you are not ready to back it up with your action. Talk is cheap but action is expensive!

    Anybody can say “I love you” but only a few can show it when it matters most.

    Any love that does not cost you a thing is not love. Love Is Expensive. It goes extra miles to bring the best out of its relationship!

    A very beautiful lady told me that her fiancé left her when she lost her physical beauty due to serious sickness. When she was on a sick bed, the guy called her on phone that he was very sorry he could not continue with their relationship again because her physical beauty he was crazy about was no longer there. She was so disappointed and almost committed suicide. But when she fully recovered from the sickness, the guy came to apologize.

    Love will not humiliate you in any way. If you feel humiliated, ridiculed or embarrassed because of your relationship, there’s something wrong with it

    Beauty is not a sin. There is nothing wrong about desiring someone that is good-looking. But if that is the only reason why someone is running after you, it is dangerous. If you base your choice of a marriage partner on the physical appearance of someone, you may end up being disappointed because physical things change with time.

    Sister, if the only reason a man wants to get married to you is because of your physique, you are advised to have a rethink.

    A man who does not see your vision, character or personality but is only interested in your outward appearance, is not a good material to say “Yes, I do” to.

    A pastor divorced his wife, because she had an accident that affected one side of her face. When the pastor was asked, he said, what attracted him to her had been destroyed.

    Will you still love her the same way after she has given birth to 2 or 3 children? Will you still love him if he does not remain handsome as he is today? While physical appearance is no
    doubt important, character is more important.

    Choose a partner who has what life cannot take away. You must look beyond the physical features of someone when you are considering marriage.

    Love is a total commitment to do your partner good for the rest of his/her life

    Love is an investment of your time, energy, patience, care, gift, prayers, kind words or money to bring the best out of your partner. When true love finds you, there will be honour and respect attached to it.

    Love without sacrifice is dead. Sacrifice is giving up something important or valuable to you in order to get or do something that seems more important for your partner (John 3:16.).

    Love involves the fear of God, sincerity, openness, and consideration.

    So If there is always an excuse to why someone who claims to love you cannot see you, call you on phone or chat with you, meet with you, celebrate you or care for you, then it is possible his or her mind is someone else.

    Love will never abuse you in any way. Emotional, financial,mental, physical or spiritual abuse is alien to true love.

    Dear Singles, love is not sex and sex is not love. Anyone who insists to have sex with you never loves you. You have the right to say no, and a man who fears God will respect that. Any relationship that makes you sin against God is not worth it. Don’t compromise your glory and dignity. If your refusal to have sex with your lover is the reason why the relationship will not work, let it be.

    Dear, When you meet someone who loves you for who you are and is willing to be there for you,please do not take him or her for granted.

    May you find true love In Jesus Name!

    Kindly Share……

    Instragram: samuelolagbenjo

    Pst Samuel Olagbenjo
    Family Coach

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      Sam P

      Long thread…but full of knowledge.

      Thanks for sharing

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