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    Lady narrates how she was almost kidnapped and killed by kidnappers in Ikoyi

    A young woman has spoken out about being kidnapped and nearly killed by suspected members of a kidnapping group in Lagos state.
    Lady narrates how she was almost kidnapped and killed by kidnappers in Ikoyi
    Lady narrates how she was almost kidnapped and killed by kidnappers in Ikoyi

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    In a viral video, the young lady, who couldn’t control her emotions while telling her incident, said she went to see her godmother along Aromire in Ikoyi on that Sunday.

    She said that after her visit, she used one of the taxi-hailing apps to get a taxi to an eatery in Ikoyi. After finishing her meal, the young lady stated that she attempted to hail another cab using the hailing app, but it was “busy,” so she decided to take “regular taxis.”

    ”I deliberated with the taxi guy, He said N2, 500. He collected N2000 to Agungi because it wasn’t far. I had to squat at my friend’s place because of Lagos traffic so I could get to work on time on Monday. ”

    She stated that she sat in the front passenger seat with the driver. The man, she claims, raised a gun to her face two minutes into the journey.

    ”I was wearing a nose mask. I sat in front and then he was the only one in the car. It was meant to be like a charted car. Before I knew it, the guy pointed a gun at me. He called someone and said ”Oga I get person for here.”

    The man told him to put it on speaker. He stopped the car while he was pointing the gun at me. ”

    The young lady reported that the man on the other end of the line then asked her what her name was, to which she replied. He then inquired about her origins, and she stated that she was from Akwa Ibom.

    ”The man now said what is your name. I told him and then he said where are you from? I said I come from Akwa Ibom. The man now said you are lucky you are my sister if not I would have killed you today. I was like Thank you, sir. God bless you, Sir. ”

    The man then proceeded to question the distressed young lady where she was going, to which she replied that she was going to get food. The man then questioned what she does, to which she replied that she works in Ikoyi, according to the lady.

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    ”He now said check her bag. I said I don’t have any money in my bag, that only a few thousand Naira notes and five hundred Naira because I use it for transportation to go to the office. 

    I don’t know how God confused those people or gave the man sympathy for me. He said ‘close your eyes and he was checking my bag. He said what is the password of your phone. I told him my password. I think he typed wrongly. He now corked the gun at me and then after that, I told him that it was a mistake and that he should try it again. I now read the password to him. He opened the phone.

    He said I should thank my God that I am his sister, if not he would have killed me and that next time, I should not enter cars that are not registered and that I don’t know.”

    Her ‘abductor’ allegedly dropped her off somewhere near Lagos Island about 9 p.m., she claimed. She said she was relieved to see a commercial motorcycle driver who she flagged down and begged to take her somewhere secure. She claims the motorcycle questioned her for being in such a dangerous location at that time, warning her that the area is known for murdering people. According to her, the motorcycle advised her that ladies do not walk alone in that region. She claimed the rider drove her to Bonny Camp, where she was able to catch a bus back to her hometown.


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