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    Kidnapping: What Herdsmen Did To A Woman They Kidnapped Will Make You Cry


    In recent times, Nigerians have been complaining about herdsmen and the way they have become a threat to society.

    One of the victims of insecurity caused by herdsmen is Modupeoluwa Oyetoso, a businesswoman who was assaulted and abducted by killer herdsmen somewhere in Ibadan.

    The woman narrated her ordeal as to how she and her fiancé were accosted by four assailants around the early hours of the evening. The suspects harassed them and as her Fiancé was trying to escape from them, he was killed by one of the armed bandits suspected to be killer herdsmen.

    Narrating what happened, Modupe said;

    “The bullet hit my fiancé at the back of his head. I didn’t know what to do, as the blood was rushing out of his head. I thought I could save him, so I attempted applying pressure to stop the blood, but I couldn’t do it because the car, which was still in motion, was about to hit a tree”

    She said she managed to stop the moving vehicle but as she did that, the insurgents approached her and forcefully took her away from the scene without attending to her fiancé. She said they took her to a forest and; “brought out a rope, tied my hands and one of them used the rope to pull me, while another one at the back was hitting me anytime I slowed down as we were running to leave the scene.

    When I slumped, they beat me and pulled me up. I had to summon the strength to run with them as it was raining.”

    “When we got to a place, they brought out my fiancé’s phone, removed his SIM card, inserted it into another phone and asked me to call my parents to inform them that they wanted N50m for my release.

    “My dad started pleading with them and they told him that if he wanted to see me alive, he should find it. They spoke with him in Yoruba, but they communicated with themselves using another language.

    “I farm in a place where we have a lot of Fulani settlers; I am familiar with them. They (suspects) were dressed like them, so, I know they were Fulani. In the forest, they told me they don’t have cattle and that the only thing they do is to kidnap for money.

    They said next time I see robbers; I should stop instead of running because what they want is just money. One of them even told me to take what happened as fate and at that point, I realized that they were thinking about my fiancé.

    The rain started and ended while we were in the forest. There was no shelter, and when we got to a particular point, there was a river and the current was heavy. One of them went through it first; I was shorter than them and when they told me to come around, I was really scared. My hands were tied, as I walked through the river and one of them just held on to the rope and pulled me as I passed through the river to get to the other side.”

    “My dad kept begging them that it was a Saturday and no one keeps cash in the house.

    He explained to them that he was retired and did not know how he could raise the money and one of them shot in my direction because he felt my dad was taking them for a ride. They said if they did not get the money, they would kill me and get buyers for the body parts.

    “My dad got to Eruwa around 9 pm; he called them and three of them went to meet him and they left me with one of them. They told him to go to three different locations before they told him to drop the money somewhere; they wanted to know if he was being followed.

    “After dropping the money, they told him to move ahead and after picking the money, they called the guy with me to bring me. While on the way to meet my dad, I met them counting the money. It took me about 15 minutes to get to my dad.”

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