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    IT Placement: Where Did You Do Yours

    IT Placement


    So this is about the time most students in either final or third year are to carry out their IT some call it an internship.

    So in short where did you do yours and what was your experience like was it bad?  A positive one? or somewhere in between?

    Did you really learn anything from it at all?

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    During my time Some people found it hard to find a place that would take them so they just gave up and formulated stuff for their defense(was funny but you wouldn’t blame them most small firms don’t have IT programs in place)

    Some didn’t get paid after being told they would and ended their own there.

    Most people were promised jobs. some did hire and retain during my time.

    Many experiences so far from different people. Still, it was a blast. Part of life’s experience. Connected with some amazing people.

    So, Let’s hear about your experience…


    IT Placement: Where Did You Do Yours?


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