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    Is Your Marriage Healthy?

    Marriage Is Healthy

    It is the wish of every young couple to have a blissful and healthy marriage. Then what does it look like to have a healthy home? Every relationship no matter how amazing it looks goes through a period of doubt, anger, pain and frustration.

    While growing up, I discovered some efforts my late parents put together to ensure that we have a large happy family which I would have loved to share with you, and in today’s article, we will focus attention on some signs that indicate that your marriage is healthy.

    12 Signs to show that your marriage is healthy.

    1. You still celebrate your wedding anniversary and birthday. If you want your wife to be very happy with you, don’t forget her birthday and your wedding anniversary.

    2. You still laugh and joke. How pleasant life will be if couples can stay together and talk about everything under the sky and burst into a gale of laughter. It makes the marriage healthy.

    3. Trust each other. It’s not advisable to snoop on each other; you don’t investigate each other’s phone, Facebook, clothes. Trusting each other will cement your marriage and makes it healthy.

    4. You have disagreements but don’t get scared that disagreements mean the death of your love. You make up quickly. Don’t try to torture your partner emotionally, it will break your union.

    5. You don’t have sex to prove your love is okay, you don’t hide behind sex. Many couples have a pathetic bond but console themselves all is well because the sex is great.

    6. You don’t always have to talk when you’re in the same room. Sometimes love is spoken in silence, sometimes a cuddle or a stare of love is enough.

    7. You don’t struggle to communicate, you don’t look for the right words, your heart is in the right place and so you speak from the heart.

    8. You can look at each other’s eyes or listen to the tone of voice and know if your spouse is OK, sick, happy, tired, annoyed, and disturbed; you are an open book to each other.

    9. You still tease each other, flirt, spank each other, and are still playful.

    10. You inform each other of your day’s schedule. Being busy doesn’t unsettle any of you.

    11.  You affirm each other and let each other know they are loved and cared for.

    12. You face challenges together, none feels alone.

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