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    Not everyone is meant to be together. If you thought you liked someone but it seems you have no chemistry, you should stop trying. It’ll never work. But then again, how can you tell?

    Here’s how to read the signs when there’s just no chemistry between you two!

    1. The first kiss

    A kiss is intimate and forces the two of you to get as close as physically possible. If it feels perfect, and you just don’t feel like letting them go, great, go good chemistry all the way! But if you feel nauseous or start to feel really weird and uncomfortable as you kiss them, chances are, there’s just no chemistry.

    2. Conversation is difficult

    When you have chemistry with someone, conversation flows easier than anything. You don’t really have to work to make it happen. It’s something that just happens and you end up talking forever and not even realizing it.

    On the other hand, those you have no chemistry with will make it hard for you to carry on a conversation. It just doesn’t happen very easily and it usually comes out very forced.

    3. You don’t connect on ideas or concepts

    This is a major sign you’re just not clicking. At all. When you can’t see their point of view or connect with them on certain ideas, there’s no chemistry.

    That chemistry comes into play when you seem to connect on ideas you’ve never even talked to anyone else about. That’s how you know it’s real chemistry and if you’re lacking that, it can be a huge issue.

    4. You don’t want to be closer to them

    This is physically and mentally. If you’re ever noticed two people talking for a while and they end up sitting closer and eventually touching, even if it’s just their thighs, you know they have chemistry.

    It’s like you’re drawn to each other. Therefore, if you only want to move away from them and you don’t even want to get to know them on a deeper level, you have no chemistry.

    5. Everything feels very formal

    Meaning, you aren’t very comfortable just being yourself. You feel the need to be proper and polite and you can’t just sit back and be who you really are.

    And that makes everything feel stiff and uncomfortable. This almost always happens when you just don’t have chemistry with someone. Even if you like each other online, that lack of chemistry is fairly obvious when it feels so formal.

    6. You feel disappointed

    This is always the worst. You get so pumped to meet someone you got along with, and then you do, and it’s super disappointing. You just don’t connect with them the way you thought you would.

    This usually has nothing to do with their looks or anything like that. You just don’t vibe with them the same way. A relationship just can’t work that way.

    7. You’d rather be with someone else

    Even if it’s just a friend. If you’re always thinking about someone else you’d rather be with, it’s a problem. Having chemistry with someone would make you want to be with them all the time. When you have no chemistry, you don’t care about leaving them to even be alone.

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