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    There is this erroneous belief that ladies do not truly love but they are only pretending to love if a guy in question is stupendously rich, or well to do. Contrary to this, there are girls that truly love their men from the bottom of their hearts whether or not their boyfriend is rich. Why do I say so?

    In this article, I will share with you how you will know if a lady is deeply in love with you only if you will continue to read this post.

    Like they always said, love is a very beautiful thing and it’s always proven. If you see a woman who truly loves you, her character alone will speak. When you start dating her, you begin to see the difference. It’s not that both of you won’t have issues in your relationship but these issues will increase your friendship in the relationship. Let me tell you this, there’s no feeling that beats the feeling of dating a woman who loves you.

    1.    A lady who is deeply in love with you will always see you as the best!

    A lady that loves you will not she will see you like the most handsome, most honest, and her prince. etc. She will always adore and see the best in you. A girl that loves you will not hesitate to also tell some people like her close friends, or bestie about you. She could be doing something and your pictures will randomly come into her head.

    2.    She will share her deep secrets with you

    Trust me, a lady that does not like you will not you to know anything about her. On the contrary, If a lady can share with you many deep secrets of hers, her family and her past especially those challenges and bad things that have happened to her, she truly loves you. As a man, it is your duty is to keep those secrets safe even when things go wrong between you guys.

    3.    She will go the extra mile to do anything for you

    Sometimes, when a lady deeply loves you, she finds herself doing something she never thought she could do. Some ladies go as far as breaking their virginity just because they love a guy. Though she may have made up her mind to have sex till marriage, they will break this because of you.

    4.    She will always pray for you

    If a woman can pray for you in her closet, she truly loves you. I am not talking about her posting on WhatsApp in which she’s praying for you. Most of that is usually for show off. But if you see a woman, who prays for you when she wakes up, prays for your future, your safety and your success, she truly loves you.

    Looking at those points I highlighted above, I don’t expect you to agree with me totally, but to be honest with you, some ladies do it. As a guy, never make her regret going that far to make you happy.



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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by Kufekpo.

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