I Was Raped In Front Of My Husband, Now He Wants To Divorce Me, What should I Do?

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    I Was Raped In Front Of My Husband, Now He Wants To Divorce Me, What should I Do?


    My name is Linda, and I am working with a construction company as a Customer Service Manager in Lagos. Right now, I am going through a difficult divorce.

    I met my husband when I was a student at the University of Lagos. We got married after completing our mandatory one-year National Service, where I served at Port Harcourt in 2015.

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    I had never been with a man other than him before I married him, till I was raped. I had no idea what orgasm, climax, or whatever it was because I had never experienced it. It’s been six years of marriage with a sex life that’s been a disaster. My marriage resulted in the birth of two children for me.

    The issue began when we travelled to my husband’s village to celebrate Easter during the month of April. While in his village, their house was attacked at the wee hour of 1 am by the fierce-looking armed robbers. They were a gang of 7 members, who were armed to their teeth.

    It was a very terrifying experience, after collecting all the valuables at home, the leader turned to molest me sexually. The leader tied my husband to a chair, tore my clothes, and proceeded to show me his manhood, which he intends to use on me.

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    I was terrified; I begged and cried, but he wouldn’t listen. My marriage has been destroyed by rape. I was expected to experience pain as the guy entered me, but this was not the case. I felt an exhilarating thrill that I had never felt before in my life. Oh my God, I yelled as he began hitting me so hard. I had no idea that as I was gripping him tightly and begging him not to stop, much to the surprise of others, I was being raped by a criminal.

    I got my first orgasm through rape, and my life hasn’t been the same since. The robber took me twice, and I came both times. I’m not sure what happened whether it was my village folks who chased me, but all I know is that I haven’t had anything like that with my spouse. After the robbers fled, my husband gave me the worst beatings of my life.

    He called me unprintable names, I’m a prostitute, and he had no idea I was an Ashawo. That he can’t marry an Ashawo. As a result of that incident and his beatings, I was hospitalized for two weeks.  He called me unprintable names, I am a prostitute, and he didn’t know I was an Ashawo. He can’t marry an Ashawo.

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    My husband dropped me off at the hospital and drove back to our house. I was harmed. How could this have happened to me? Who was to blame for me having fun being raped and even cum as a result of it?

    How could I possibly enjoy such torture to my body? I kept asking myself these questions. When I was discharged, there was a divorce document waiting for me to sign. I tried to beg my husband and involving my parents, but he vowed he would not let go.

    Please, family lifers, I don’t want a divorce. I need your advice. What should I do?

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      When I read this story I was in between bursting into a gale of laughter and pitying the lady. Looking at it, seeking for things that are beyond our control can land us in a terrible situation.

      Now, she was able to reach orgasm for the first time while being raped, at the same time she lost her marriage.

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      the fact that he had to sit and watch you orgasm via a rape…jeez…. i swear no matter how hard i try… i have to sympathize with the both of you… the trauma. OMG!!

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      you both need strong spiritual counselling in order to cope with that event… I pray that God returns and redefines all that the cankerworm has eaten in your marriage



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      John Adeleke

      this is a demonic story, i hope its not true for the sake of people’s sanity… like WTF is going on… how does he recover from what he saw happened to his wife…

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      this is totally the devil’s handwork to destroy your marriage… you both need to see a counselor else the event would dwell in your hearts and you’ll never recover leading to divorce

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      This is quite shocking. In as much I do feel the pang of pain she went through during the rape, but at the same time, I will give her a knock for screaming out loud at the climax. That singular act is not acceptable.

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      I must say  that this is a story that thrills the readers and at the time touches their hearts.

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