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    I Set A Trap For My Husband But It Backfired. What Should I Do Now?

    I am a married woman. I once have a happy and healthy family until I started nursing a feeling that my husband was cheating on me. I set a trap for him but the trap caught me instead. I have pleaded with my husband without any response from him. His silence is killing me.

    After I gave birth to our second son, I told my husband that I needed a housemaid that will help carry out some house chores. My husband didn’t object to the idea so I looked for an agent that provides house help. A young energetic and lively girl was brought to my house. I engaged her after I interviewed her.

    Eno worked with me for one year without any complaint from either my husband or me.  She is such a hardworking girl that carries out her duty without any supervision. She has special culinary skills that wow me. I do enjoy all the meals she prepares.

    The problem started when I discovered that Eno was way too closed and became familiar with my husband. When I complained to him that I don’t like the maid’s closeness to him, he waved it over. I was so miffed with him for not taking the  concern raised into consideration.

    My suspicion heightened when I saw my husband with Eno in a very compromising position. This made me concluded that my husband may have started having sexual relations with our housemaid.

    Irked about this development, I hatched a plan to catch him red-handed. What was the plan? I sent the housemaid to the village for the weekend without telling him, and I had to wait to see how he will be caught in the web of an adultery.

    At night, my husband as said, “Darling I want to go and watch football in the sitting room” and he left.

    I used the opportunity to sneak into our house maid’s room and lie down on the bed naked without any light, and the door was opened. After a while, someone silently walked in. Before I knew it, he joined me on the bed without wasting time, or uttering an word, had sex with me.

    After the fourth round, I barked at him, ”it’s enough, I have caught you today, so this is how you use to have sex with her, and you will do two rounds with me and be telling me you are tired; fourth round now you are still demanding for more right?

    Musa, our gate man shouted, “I am sorry madam, I don’t know see it is you, I think say na Eno. Abeg no tell Oga”. It was like I was strucked by a thunderbolt. I screamed “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!”, then my husband having heard my voice rushed in and caught us to his greatest surprise.

    Right now, this woman needs your advice. What would your advice?

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