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    I suddenly remembered why I fell in love with Buhari – Femi Adesina


    I fell in love with BuhariOn Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation, warning troublemakers that the picnic was over, and the next day, I came across this statement on the internet from a Buharist, as fans and followers of the President are known.

    “I just finished watching the President read the riot act to troublemakers on television, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.
    “All of a sudden, I recalled why I was so enamored with the President.”

    That respondent echoed the sentiments of millions of Buharists in Nigeria and around the world.
    The man we fell in love with is made of iron and steel, ready to smack sense into obstinate minds and bring everyone into line.
    And, in the process, being kind to us.
    If you enjoy the oxymoron, call him a gentle bully.

    How did things unfold that Tuesday afternoon, that led President Buhari to make the speech that is perhaps the most epochal in recent times?

    Prof Mahmood Yakubu, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), had led top INEC officials into the meeting room with the President shortly before the planned hour of 3 p.m.

    President Buhari arrived on the dot of the designated time, like clockwork.
    He never forgets about it.
    Prof Yakubu then began his presentation.
    What were the most important points?

    *The spate of attacks on INEC’s offices and facilities nationwide has grave implications for elections and electoral activities in Nigeria

    Since the 2019 General Election, there have been 42 similar incidents across the country.
    Bandit attacks, 1, Boko Haram, 1, EndSARS protest, 18, post-election violence, 4, thuggery during elections, 6, unknown gunmen and hoodlums, and 12 other occurrences occurred in 14 states for a variety of reasons.

    Read also: Pastors Adeboye, Adeyemi Incited #EndSARS Until Violence Erupted – Femi Adesina Alleges

    Thirty of the 42 attacks, or 71%, occurred over the last seven months.
    They appear to be aimed at future elections, with the goal of putting INEC out of commission, undermining democracy, and causing a national catastrophe.

    The INEC Chairman listed the urgent ramifications of the situation, detailed the Commission’s activities, and requested Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces’ intervention.

    What should a President do when confronted with such a blatant demonstration of anarchy?
    Give up, concede, and order everyone to return home in defeat and capitulation?

    Remember how we began this discussion?
    General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB), the army commander who gave Chadian forces that made incursions into Nigerian territory a bloodied nose, was once President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB).
    He dealt with religious zealots from the Maitatsine tribe.
    Hard drug dealers were given a red card and executed by firing squad.
    He started the War Against Indiscipline and tried to make us all prim and proper.
    Before the regime was overthrown by secret, unfriendly hands, he was succeeding.
    Nigerians craved for that GMB thirty years later, and he was re-elected with a landslide.

    The President’s answer to INEC elicited a wide range of opinions from individuals and organizations.
    What exactly did he say?

    *Those behind the assault on national assets want the administration to collapse, and now is the time to put an end to it.
    They are about to get the shock of their lives.

    *While many of those misbehaving now are too young to remember the devastation that accompanied our Civil War (1967-1970), those of us who fought in the trenches to keep the country together will not just lay down our guns.
    We’d prefer to communicate with them in their own language.

    I manage the country in accordance with our Constitution, and anyone who seeks to destabilize it will be held accountable.

    *We’ve spent a lot of money to create infrastructure, and we won’t let anyone ruin it.
    We’ll be tougher on saboteurs.

    *The Service Chiefs and the Inspector-General of Police have been replaced.
    We will give them all the resources they need, and then demand security from them.

    *We will give INEC all the resources required to conduct elections, so that no one would accuse us of not wanting to leave office, or that we want a 3rd term

    I also read this statement online in response to what the President said: “His supporters have been re-energized.”
    They’re chirping.” I fell in love with Buhari for this reason!

    That is correct. Iron and steel are exactly what our country requires right now.  GMB and PMB are combined in this alchemy. Yes, we live in a democracy, but democracy does not imply lawlessness. Anyone who misbehaves in any area of the country, repeat, ANY PART, must be whipped into line.
    The country does not need to go into a spiral because some people have massive grudges.
    Is there any section of the country that isn’t plagued by one or more grievances?
    Is the next step then to capsize the country’s boat?
    Any leader who has vowed to uphold the Constitution is obligated to do so.

    Leaders must do all it takes to keep their countries peaceful and quiet.
    Their objectives will be misunderstood and misrepresented at all times.
    It doesn’t matter.
    At all times, the greater good must be taken into account.
    Anarchy, whether in the north, south, east, or west, should never be tolerated, regardless of what some people may claim.

    I like how Moyosore Oyetunji, a fervent Buharist on Facebook, summed up recent events:
    “You accused him of being a motivational speaker instead of the General he is when he pled with you to avoid bloodshed.
    You’re crying because he’s decided to be it.  Please, tell me what you want from him.

    President Buhari is not a genocidal, and he will never be accused of such.
    A leader worth his salt, on the other hand, cannot stand by and watch law and order irreversibly crumble.
    It has nothing to do with individuals or geography.
    It’s about the country to which he swore an oath of allegiance.

    Every region has a complaint or two about the state of our union.
    However, murder and mayhem should never be considered as a solution.
    That is President Buhari’s message, and it is the message of every good Nigerian. Mr femi Adesina says why i fell in love with Buhari

    *Adesina is President Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity.


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