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    How to prepare for Traditional wedding

    Traditional wedding

    Traditional weddings come in various sizes, ethnicities, and requirements and are possibly the most extravagant, festive, costly, loving, tasking, exciting, unforgettable, and important events you will ever attend to celebrate a marital union.  Today there are many themes and décor options for weddings. Many couples want their wedding to be unique and will look for unconventional ways to decorate and celebrate. However, in tradition-rich Connecticut, there are plenty of brides and grooms who prefer a traditional wedding.

    It’s always nice to consider returning to the format our parents and grandparents used when they got hitched. If you’re looking for traditional wedding inspiration, here are eight ways to prepare for a Traditional Wedding.

    1.       Fulfil all family requirements for a smooth-running ceremony

    Let’s start here, as, without a green light from the families of the betrothed, there would be no wedding in the first place. Both families need to painstakingly ensure that all the boxes have been ticked; from ethnic backgrounds to formal introductions, to payments of brideprice and dowries (where applicable), to consulting those playing key roles in executing the wedding rites, such as elders. Everyone must be taken care of and be on the same page before the guests can be involved.

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    2.       Set your budget and decide how much you can afford for your ceremony.

    3.       Decide on who you want at your traditional wedding. Create your guest list and determine those you choose to invite to celebrate your day with you.

    4.       Determine the dressing for your ceremony. Do you want a coordinated guest outfit? If yes, inform your wedding guests beforehand.

    5.       Decide on the traditional wedding attire to wear as the bride and groom and choose accessories that complement it.

    6.       Book a good venue for your traditional wedding and hire a skilled photographer that will create memories of your day.

    7.       Decide if you would need a wedding planner or if you have the time and resources to plan your day yourself!

    8.       Save up on energy

    This tip will help you a lot when it is time for you to dance with your partner. Many couples stretch out themselves even before the event start and when it’s time for them to put on their dancing shoes or all other things they tend to do in the ceremony they look tired especially in traditional weddings. For you to enjoy yourself on your big day, you’ll need to have enough energy to take on your traditional wedding in a unique way.


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