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    Gideon Dosu


    (Patiently Read It To The End)

    Towards the end of 2017, I stumbled on a picture posted on social media. The picture had a guy frowning at a prophet and a caption that reads; “When you finally met the prophet that prophesy that you will make millions and get married in 2017”.

    The reason for his frowning was simply because none of the prophecies came to pass. My question then is, who is to be blamed? The prophet, God, or the guy?

    God is not a liar! The prophet might have said the mind of God about the man in the picture. But if the truth were to be told, your success in life does not solely depends on prophecy. Because prophecies do not fulfill themselves. Prophecies are made to happen.

    1 Timothy 1:18 says: This charge I entrust to you, Timothy, my child, in accordance with the prophecies previously made about you, that by them you may wage the good warfare,

    Any prophecy we sit down to watch will watch us. God’s prophecy upon your life will not come like a magic. It will answer to your persistence in applying the Word of God and prayers.

    Prophecy is like a pregnancy so before it can be delivered, you must take it to the labour room of prayer and God’s Word. Matthew 21vs22!

    Even if you hear God audibly says to you that you will become very great and have a glorious family in 2020, you have a big role to play to make that word a reality.

    Faith that puts total responsibility on God is fake! You must do what you can do and let God do what you can not do!

    God will not read your book for you or write your application letter for you and submit it. That’s your responsibility. God will play His role after the application letter has been submitted to companies.

    Many people are yet to walk into their glorious destinies because of their laziness or refusal to take the right step in accordance with the Word of God.

    Some years ago, a 45 years old sister who was having a spiritual yoke of marital delay upon her came to me for prayer and counseling. We prayed and the yoke was broken in Jesus name. The same month, a Christian brother asked her hand in marriage. But while they were preparing for their wedding, she destroyed the beautiful relationship with her uncontrollable anger and pride

    There cannot be a glorious new year without a new You!
    You must deal with every character that is a threat to your destiny. Stop wasting money on something that does not add value to your life. Stay away from group of people who don’t challenge you to make your life count.

    Take responsibility for your life. Make 2021 your best year…seize every opportunity, make every moment count and remember your destiny is in your hands. Others may help you along the way but ultimately it is up to you.

    Let the whole pastors in the world prophesy that you will make it in 2021 but if you fail to do the right thing in accordance with the Word of God, nothing will happen.

    For God’s prophecy to come to pass in your life in 2021, you have a big role to play. Go and get ready for serious work this year. Faith without work is dead.

    Stop waiting and start working on your dreams now!!
    2 days are almost gone already. What are your plans for this new year? What one thing have you engaged in to make 2021 different from 2020? ✍✍. Think About it ?

    Pray without ceasing. Read good books. Invest in yourself. Invest in your relationship with God, You are your greatest investment.

    Don’t just attend a prayer meeting but also attend a business seminar. Learn a skill. Learn the business of money. Register for that online courses that will add value to your life. Put that business idea to work today. Go and rent that shop or start that business at home, write that professional exam, learn that trade, start that ministry, write that book and publish it, do your business card and start distributing it. Finish that abandoned project. Sow that seed, start planning for your wedding. Start now!!

    Ecc 11:4 says: He who watches the wind shall not sow; and he who pays attention to the clouds shall not reap.

    Your miracle begins when you just start.

    Recently, God dropped an idea into my heart. Immediately, I designed a colorful flier for it. Before I knew what was happening, I have made over 2 million naira from the idea even at the comfort of my home. Your miracle begins when you just start.

    Get something doing. Spend less time on social media unless you are making money from it. There is dignity in labour.

    Success cannot be inherited, it has to be practically earned. One dollar earned is greater than ten thousand dollars found. What your father has does not guarantee your personal success. What you do not work for never enhances your worth.

    When hands are folded, destinies are folded. Martin Luther king said ‘If any man has not discovered what he will die for such man is not fit to live. So living without working is dying without knowing.

    A man that does not work becomes poor financially, physically, mentally and in all areas.

    If what you are doing is not engaging you enough, add something else to it. Life operates fundamentally on the law of seed time and harvest. This means that you can never get out of life more than what you put into it. I’m waiting for ur success story.

    May God Give You The Wisdom To Do The Right Thing In Jesus Name. —

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    Instagram: samuelolagbenjo

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