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    How To Make Your Children Love One Another


    The world revolves around love. A family without love will confront numerous setbacks and problems. Children will rebel against one another, and they will be willing to harm one another. They have the ability to sell properties that their parents have left for them, and some have even caused themselves pain as a result of such properties.

    Parents can play a significant influence in teaching their children to love or loathe one another. Some parents, unbeknownst to them, do things that turn their children against one another.

    This is what this essay aims to illuminate so that parents can recognize when they are going too far and make necessary adjustments.

    Lists of ways parents can assist their children to avoid animosity and live together as a family are provided below.

    1. Instill self-love in them. When you want your children to love themselves, the first step is to teach them. You don’t assume your kids understand what love is. You must consciously teach them to progress from a small to a larger task.

    Use the Bible to teach them how to love each other. Read Bible passages that talk about love and the benefits of loving one another. The following Bible passages can be of help in teaching your children how to love one another.

    2. Pray for them always. Pray for your children to live in love. It is worth it because, with love among your children, you will never suffer. They will have you in mind and always give to you and they will equally be given to one another.

    When one of them is not feeling too strong, call any of them to pray for another. Let them know that they are one and that if one finger is hurt, the other fingers will feel the pain. By this, they will know that they have the responsibility to care for one another.

    3. Buy things for them equally. Parents can create hatred between their children unknowingly for them. When a parent keeps buying clothes, shoes for a particular child in the family, you want to create a serious problem for that child because his/her siblings will become so jealous and they may develop hatred for him/her.

    4. Put them in the same school. To make your children feel loved equally put them in the same school. Don’t put one in private school and put the other public school they may feel bad and think that you love one more than the other.

    Also, putting them in the same school will build more love among them. They will defend one another and try to coach themselves. Their bond will be strong and the peace and unity in your home will be great.

    5. Write your will with love and with the consciousness to make them one after you grow old and gone. Parents’ property can disorganize families. It can set them against one another. Share it with love and let it get to all of them.

    If possible, when you are still alive, let your children know what belongs to them. So that there will be no cause for alarm. And if you have properly trained them, they will retain what you gave to them. They will live together as one and they will keep your name alive.

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