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last updated by O.S David 1 year ago
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    Correct Segz

    How to have a perfect wedding with N100,000


    How to have a perfect wedding with N100,000
    You have a budget of N100, 000 and you want to go ahead to have a perfect wedding with your partner? You don’t need to worry yourself anymore as this article should help you see things through.
    Not being financially buoyant while planning a wedding can be frustrating and depressing especially knowing who you are walking down the road with and inviting a lot of people.

    Money has actually stopped and delayed a lot of people from achieving their dreams of getting married at their soul desire. So for that reason we’ve come up with a step by step solution as to how anyone who desires to walk down the lane can plan a wedding with just N100,000.

    This might be a bit difficult for some individuals but as they say with love all things are possible.

    If you’re going through financial difficulty at the moment and you still desire to be with the one you love then this article is for you.

    Money should never be a reason why you can’t tie the knot with the person you love so much.

    The current economic situation of the country isn’t nice at the moment so the need for intending couples to cut down unnecessary expenses when trying to wed is very pivotal.

    A lot of times we have seen intending couples who desires to settle down in a bid to meet up with the wedding expenses incurred series of debt after the wedding but with this article you don’t have to owe anyone or go into debt simply because you want to settle down.  As such this article will show you how to plan your wedding with as little as 100,000.

    For you to stay within your budget, it is important to reduce the number of guest to the wedding which shouldn’t be more than 100 people including friends, family and colleagues. Inviting them to your wedding should be strictly by invitation. With this the number of guests that will be invited to the wedding will be greatly reduced and this will help save up cost and help stick to the 100,000 Naira plan.

    The food majority of people love to eat when attending a wedding is rice so for this purpose you should plan to get half bag of rice this will be enough to serve the 100 guest stipulated earlier in the budget. This should not cost more than 13,000 Naira.

    Now to make sure the food go round is to measure the food that’s be served if this can be done then there’s no problem.

    Another important part of the food is the meat for this purpose you should go for 2 cartons of frozen chicken and this can be gotten for at least 12,000 each totaling it to 24,000 for the both of them. The meat should be cut into 120 pieces this to make up for shortfalls when frying  and serving.

    3 DRINKS
    To maintain the said budget, it is advisable to just stick to soft drinks, although people might complain but you should know that even if a truck of drink is brought to the occasion people will still complain of not having enough to drink so it is advisable to stick to soft drinks like Fanta, Coke, Sprite, etc. And also pure water will be needed likewise bottled water but to some little extent.

    Many of them might get misused and the other half are thrown away or make a distant relative make some for you (FREE of charge, after all it’s your wedding).

    For the wedding attire the woman who’s walking down the lane should go for a rented gown which should not cost more than 10,000 to 20,000 this depends on who you’re renting from though.

    Also one can also use wedding gowns from their friends or relative as wedding gown is often worn once but if you have the looks you can borrow from a fashion designer who needs photo shoots for her gown. This would save up cost greatly.

    A budget of 5k to 7k should be made for the bride to get her make up, shoe and other things. For the groom he has to get his things by himself by either making use of his best Jacket or borrow from a friend for ties, shoes we assume he already has them or he can borrow from a friend.

    A wedding cake of not more than 10,000 should be enough for this .

    Churches actually allow couples to make use of their environment for reception venue. Just that the whole environment should be kept clean after the whole ceremony.

    The aspect of DJ and photographers can be covered by a friend most people will fall over themselves to become a DJ on that day. Also a sound system which allows for a mic to be attached can be made available to you by a friend, while u can ask some with a very good phone to cover the occasion for you with this ever other aspect has been covered so there’s nothing to worry about.




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      O.S David

      Hmmm…Nice article and full of wisdom but I will disagree with the N100,000. The fact is you can’t have a wedding of 100,000 in Nigeria today

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