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    How I Met The Love Of My Life In A Taxi – Must-Read Love Story

    How I Met The Love Of My Life In A Taxi
    How I Met The Love Of My Life In A Taxi

    I met this lovely lady inside a taxi I boarded; normally, I prefer to sit in the front (if possible), but on this fateful day, I unconsciously opened the back door and sat next to this lovely lady; not long after, another lady joined us…

    I was in the centre; they were both wearing short skirts, and I was wearing a knicker. I was uncomfortable with their knees touching mine, so I shifted. The other lady didn’t seem to notice, and she just relaxed, but this lovely young lady noticed… Oh! She apologized and made the necessary adjustments.

    I said it was fine with a smile. For a while, everything went silent, and I felt like I’d hate myself if I didn’t get this babe’s number, but I’m quite the shy type, so one mind told me to give her my phone and ask for her number, but what if she snapped it up, took offence, and threw it out the window, while my other mind was like –when she’s not crazy, I’ll show her craze…

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    Las las, I’m going to sleep at the police station tonight. So I mustered the guts to look her in the eyes, smile, and ask her name? BLESSING,’ she said (with one look like that)

    Then I handed her my phone and said, “Please give me your number.” Why my phone number? Why she questioned… I smiled and replied, “Give me and I’ll take you out.”

    When she said SORRY I DON’T GIVE MY NUMBER TO STRANGERS, my heart sunk for a second. I cast a sharp glance at the other lady, hoping to gauge her reaction to the situation…

    extremely mature lady, she just smiled and gave me a little wink and went about her thing, everything fell silent for a bit, afterwards! She paid her fee to the driver, implying that she’d be alighting soon… I simply turn aside. Then I felt a tap on my leg, which turned out to be her waving her phone at me…

    …instead, give me your phone number’, she said.

    I’m going to call you myself.

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    To cut a long tale short, she obtained my number and called later that night. We hit it off and set up a date at a local eatery. We arrived, sat down, and talked for a while before I placed my order (just snacks and water) for roughly N1,350.

    I only have N6,000 on this date, therefore after spending N1,350, I have N4,650 left over. What a surprise! When my date bought her dinner, it cost over N4,000, but she surprised me by paying for it herself. I advised her not to (even though I’m still forming) but she insisted… It’s beneficial for me.

    We ate and talked, and then she pulled out her phone, saying it was having a technical problem, and asked if I could help her fix it. I gathered like some kind of Guru, Hehehe na there date fess wan end o, I did everything I could, but the problem remained. I wanted to make an impression on her, but…

    The phone had other ideas for me, so when I couldn’t solve it, I told her I’d call an engineer friend to help. So! She took some shots with my phone while browsing my collection, then she stated she needed to use the RESTROOM, which she did, only to return so quickly, stating it was occupied…

    She went downstairs this time and didn’t return; I didn’t want to humiliate her by asking for my phone frequently, so I chose to chill; she went downstairs this time and didn’t return; I waited for approximately 30 minutes before realizing she had run off with my phone.


    “INSIDE LIFE,” I said to myself.


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      John Adeleke

      lol, i never saw that end coming at all…

    • #22869

      women shah, see as she kon code like say she dey into u not knowing say she wan gbera with ur phone

    • #22871

      fear who no fear woman shah

    • #22896

      That end part got me thinking. lol

    • #22950

      Interesting story


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