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    How I met my husband – CORRI PER AMORE!

    While I still in the College of Education in Lagos state, I used to take the early mornings bus to classes because that’s when they are cheaper (T-fares) and the drivers and conductors are usually nicer when you meet them in the mornings, before the brawling and hustle of the day begin.

    How I met my husband - CORRI PER AMORE!
    How I met my husband – CORRI PER AMORE! – wait for

    It wasn’t much fun or comfortable but I had to manage, first I took the bus from my street down to the park then AI board the BRT bus down to my University. It was always a life of rush and hurry.

    From the very second week of going down this normal route and schedule, I noticed there was this young man, that travelled the same route and followed the same schedule as I do from the park down to the University area, I think he works with one of the numerous organization placed around that area.

    It became a race against time and one another, for no reason or the other, we started racing from the bus stop down to the park, trying to see who gets there first. At first, it was a subconscious effort, later it became too conscious and we both became too aware of the competition to play naive.


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    How I met my husband: We raced one another
    How I met my husband: We raced one another

    Sometimes when we got there at almost the same time we raced towards the buses simultaneously after we had collected our bus tickets and most time I discovered when he gets to the park late, I try to wait for him a bit and he does the same too. The competition was real but the prize was incomprehensible.

    We usually stole glances at each other and sometimes he gave me a naughty wink. For the first six months, we became close whilst yet to even say one word to each other, sometimes he wouldn’t show up at the park for days and when he suddenly showed up one day; I mouthed “What happened?” and he just shook his head with a smile that showed nothing serious.

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    He was really fast, as he always outran me and would turn back to check if I was still racing, I couldn’t give him that benefit, I always chased along with him no matter how further he went. During the weekends, I even try exercises and running routines that would make me move quicker.

    On the ninth month, I couldn’t help it any longer – I made up my mind that we finally had to break the duck and get acquainted. Then one day, as usual, he took to the wind like he usually does; like a cheetah, but I refused to give up, and with a burst of energy with all my strength I ran forward and knocked the cap off his head, with shock, he stopped.

    I ran past him as fast as I could. “Bring back my cap, the weather is cold and I have no hair on my head!” I stopped in my tracks, jugged towards him while laughing as hard as I ever, I fell when I got the slippery pavement and when I thought hit the ground, I felt a strong hand hold me.

    “You think you are wise, abi?”. He wanted to be a hero, the foolish guy. With my weight and the slippery nature of the pavement, we both fell and he twisted his ankles…

    Two days later, I was taking hot soup to his place, 4 years later we were getting married and the theme of our wedding was ‘CORRI PER AMORE!‘ (Italian for a run for love)

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    That’s how I met my husband.


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      what a wonderful love story…only God know where I go see my own love… whether nah inside keke maruwa

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      Love is sweet oh… God when!!!! i need my own love story this year OHHHH!

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      this looks like the love story of his Papa and Mama Adeboye…

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      Does this kind of love and stuff happen in real and if it does, can it happen in this same Naija?… just asking for a fiend.

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      John Adeleke

      Love is truly a beautiful thing, for all this seeking a life partner, may God grant your wishes this year IJN… AMEN


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