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    How I Got Intimate With A Goddess Now My Life Is Danger What Should I Do?


    My name is Estein. I am a 29 years old Law Graduate working in a Big Law firm in Victoria Island. I got married in September 2019 to my beautiful wife.

    I was walking home from a bar not far from my house one evening at 9:10 p.m. when I was abruptly approached by a really pretty tall and well-shaped chocolate complexioned lady. I had to immediately swing my body into a defensive stance as I observed someone was rapidly approaching my position from the rear. And, lo and behold, there was this stunning lady.

    I was awestruck by her. She was aware that I was both afraid and inquisitive about her intent in bouncing on me from behind. She went on to say, “Please accept my apologies for the manner in which I approached you. My name is Linda, and I’m having a problem that requires immediate attention “.

    Hmm… I wondered aloud what the issue was…how could this lovely lady require assistance from me, who is in desperate need of assistance to get things back on track? These and other thoughts swarmed my consciousness with vigour.

    Then I inquired about her dilemma, and she informed me that she is a first-year UNILAG student, who had misplaced her ATM card and had nothing on her to buy anything, primarily food. She begged me to just get her some food for the night.

    I looked through my wallet and only found N500. Guy guy don spent all the N5000 (money) he has at 6:00 p.m. to go flex some bottles and buy beverages for a few homies. In my neighbourhood, a plate of meals costs between N300 and N400. I told her not to worry, that even if I didn’t have enough money, I would still buy her supper. She was beaming from ear to ear.

    I took her to a restaurant a pole away from where we were standing and purchased her a plate of food costing N400 because it contained two pieces of meat, as well as a bottle of malt. I met the restaurant’s owner, who seems to know me well, and agreed to pay them the next day.

    She suggested the gatekeeper to her lodge might have locked the entrance gate as we left the restaurant. She’d have to call a few of her lodge mates to let them know she was stuck outside so they could invite the gatekeeper to let her in.

    I said no problem and sent N200 in airtime from my GTB account to her phone. She had made a call to a close lodge mate before I arrived, and he had come to her aid. She left after we exchanged contact information.

    Following that, we continued to talk on the phone on a regular basis, but I realized she was becoming more attached to me and calling me charming names. I was in a relationship with another lady (who is now my wife) before that encounter, and I didn’t want to cheat, despite her advances.

    However, I misplaced my phone in June 2019, and as a result, I lost all of my contacts. I had to copy a few numbers from my journal into my new phone when I got a new phone two days later and welcomed back my sim, thus I lost her number.

    Surprisingly, I ran into this chick at PortHarcourt on December 15, 2019… didn’t realize she was the one because the only time I encountered her was late at night, and it was in my neighbourhood in Nsukka.

    That day in the PH, I was going about my business when she unexpectedly bumped into me in a supermarket/shopping mall’s doorway. I walked past her and she addressed me by my first name!” I turned around but couldn’t place her. Her hairstyle gave her a perplexing image.

    She had a lovely look about her. Guys in the neighbourhood were enamoured with her and looked at us with admiration. She later stated, “It’s me…Linda.” I was overjoyed, and she was, too, so we hugged. She drove to a cool place and sat in her car for a while.

    She then told me that her father had sent her to a shopping mall to make a business transaction with a company and that she was there to pick up a few things. Surprisingly, when we were gisting, she informed me that something in her told her I had only recently married. I was speechless…couldn’t say anything. Regardless, she stated that there would be no issues.

    When I returned to my hotel room, I was perplexed because I remembered that I had never told her my name, not even the night I met her and that we had never discussed getting married.

    In one of my conversations with her she jokingly told me that she has a key to my stars and that she loves me dearly and would do anything for my sake even though I am married.

    Then I had the courage to inquire as to how she arrived at that conclusion, to which she replied that she would tell me when we met. She requested a private meeting with me, and I informed her that I was on contract work in Abuja and that I would be returning to Lagos State in a month.

    I arrived on April 2, 2021, and met and stayed with her in a motel on April 15th. We had a great time together. She expressed her real affection for me. Though I paid for the accommodation before informing her of the location, I was in that hotel.

    The problem now is that she is becoming too attached to me. I even opened up to her that I am married; she cared less and said no problems.

    Why I am Scared

    Linda recently contacted me, enraged, and said she didn’t know who I was. What if I didn’t already know, she is a Goddess of prosperity in the spiritual sphere who possesses supernatural power to make my life easier, I should know it now.

    A cold shiver rushed down my spine the moment I heard the word ‘Goddess.’ Then I asked her to clarify what she meant when she said she was a Goddess. She claimed that she knew me as a child, long before she came into contact with me.

    She went on to remark that, while I may appear successful in the view of others, I am not. Furthermore, because I am only using one star out of seven, I am supposed to be balling in a higher degree of riches and money than I am now balling.

    She reminded me to notice how things in my life have been changing for the better ever since I met her, and even more so after we became intimate.

    I informed her that marrying her a second wife would be akin to marrying her a second husband, but she stated she doesn’t mind because all she wants is to be with me and that she and her alleged co-wife will get along swimmingly. She stated that she has her money, which is also mine, for a happier home. My wife is 23 years old.

    She is 22 years old, has a 300 level, and is stunningly beautiful.

    Please, if anyone has had this experience, I’m not sure if she’s a ghost or a human.

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      John Adeleke

      hmm, this is a confusing scenario but shah remember that the vows you made at marriage on your wedding day were sacred before God, guess that should help u in making ur next decision

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      this story looks like a Nollywood movie, abeg were the part 2 dey

    • #20532

      Mr man inform your wife about the situation before the poor woman has to find out heartbroken by herself… u both should deal with the issue as a couple and results will be pleasant



    • #20541

      mitchew, i am so disappointed with the story.. i thought she was even a mami-water or something like a witch not knowing its just a normal girl or lady… suspense killer

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