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    Anani Sunday

    I was at UNILAG last month to get my faculty prospectus. I needed the one that covered my years of study or just anyone close to those years.


    I needed the detailed course outlines of all the courses I did then.


    But I also knew that during my time there, there was no faculty prospectus.


    We only had a departmental one that did not contain all the courses I did across three faculties.


    So, having to go to those faculties where I borrowed courses to ask for their course outlines covering my years of study was going to be a difficult task for me.


    So, I got to the vicinity of the faculty – masked up.


    Then I saw one non-teaching staff I had known then in school.


    He was still in the faculty.


    I truthfully wanted to avoid him. I wanted to.


    So I greeted him from afar and quickly crossed to the other side of the road.


    But the man could still recognise me despite the mask.


    I was a bit known in the faculty then because I was a class rep.


    But he looked at me the more so I could not hide again.


    I then removed the mask.


    ‘Was I the one you were greeting like that?’


    He asked.


    I was caught already.


    He asked why I was at the faculty and I told him I needed the faculty prospectus that covered my year of study 2007/2008.


    ‘You can’t get it. But I will help you get the available one. I have done that for someone before.”


    He said.


    Men and brethren, that was how God saved me from unnecessary search through a helper.


    The man took me to the faculty and while I waited at the reception, he went from one office to the other, searching for the prospectus for me.


    You know the disposition those staff members could have given me if I entered those offices myself.


    “We don’t have it” could have been the template response.


    After a while, the man returned with a prospectus.


    Wawu! I looked through and it contained nearly all the courses I did then.


    Jesu E ma seun ke.


    Scanning it won’t work. Well, I could have scanned the relevant pages to convert to a Word document but I sat to take snapshots of the relevant pages.


    While I was doing this, another man sitting at the reception said to me: ‘Check the back of the prospectus. The printer’s number will be there. You can call him to get the soft copy.”


    Another Wawu!


    I did.


    When I got through to the printer days after unsuccessfully trying to reach her, she sent me the soft copy for my department after confirming why I needed it and if I was a former student.


    I told her I needed for Finance and Business Adm. Departments too to cover my borrowed courses.


    She sent them too.


    When I settled down to look through the whole document yesterday, there were only two courses I did not find in a total of 51 courses.


    To be frank, I had not gone to the school all the while because I could not imagine how I would get that document.


    The thought of having to go from one faculty to another, looking for course contents done years ago just always gave me concern.


    But Mr Ogundeji saved my head that day.


    That was the same man I wanted to avoid.


    Quite interestingly, that day I met him was his last day of work at the main campus.


    He had been transferred to LUTH, the teaching hospital at Idi Araba.


    If I had gone a day later, I would have also missed him.


    Now, oro yi ye Olorun.


    God understands.


    May we not avoid our willing and waiting helper.







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