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    He Dumped Me After Waiting For Him For Seven Years Of My Life. What Should I Do?


    A 34-year-old woman has lamented bitterly after providing financial assistance to a man she was dating in order for him to travel abroad, but he returned home and refused to marry her.

    According to the lady, she personally funded his trip abroad, only for him to return home after 7 years and offer her N50 million in compensation, claiming he can’t marry her because she is old.

    Read her story below:

    I’ve heard about how some men use and dump women after getting what they want from them, but it happened to me and I’m speechless, like is this for real?

    Years ago, I single-handedly sponsored a man to go overseas, and he has finally returned, making this a memorable season for both my family and myself.

    Imagine, after I used my savings to fund his trips out of the country for over 7 years, he returns and tells me he is no longer interested in our relationship for one reason only known to him.

    Obiora and I have been dating for over ten years, and even before he left Nigeria, I was the one who looked after him because he was working for the government. I was taking care of him because he was working for a popular transport company in the country’s southeastern region and his salary wasn’t enough, and being the first son of his parents, a lot of responsibilities were draining him, so I decided to help him as a girlfriend.

    Then I used to sell food items wholesale, but out of love, I decided to assist Obiora; after all, whatever he acquires tomorrow is ours. That was my first thought.

    I single-handedly sponsored him to travel abroad in the hopes that when he returns, we will marry, as he promised me before he left.

    He has finally returned after a 7-year wait and has amassed a large fortune, but before he returned. He had already purchased two houses, one in Lagos and the other in the east, for his siblings (Family house). He also built a home for his parents.

    Since his return, we’ve been going from one hotel to another, to different parties, and it’s now been two months. He’s never mentioned marriage to me, preferring to talk about seeing my relatives, and I’m not getting any younger; I’ll be 34 years old in April next year.

    After three months of waiting, I decided to ask him about our marriage, as we had discussed before he left. I got the shock of my life that morning when I asked him the question.

    When Obiora pulled out his checkbook and offered me N50 million, he explained that it was compensation for all the time wasted, and that he was sorry for wasting my time for ten years.

    Then he opened his mouth and told me that he couldn’t marry me because I was too old. He requires the services of a young and inexperienced woman who will take good care of him.

    I was speechless for a week and couldn’t speak to anyone. So all these years of waiting have been in vain, as have all the suitors I turned down in the hope that Obiora will marry me.

    Where do I begin, and to whom do I explain that I used my hard-earned money to sponsor a man to go overseas instead of my own brothers, only to have him return and dump me? It’s excruciatingly painful.

    Honestly, I’m in a lot of pain right now and don’t know what to do. I’d appreciate it if you could give me some advice”.

    What advise will you giver her? Let’s hear from you.

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      just move on…theres love out there for you to catch up on…

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      guys are very wicked, after using her for 7 years u kon abandon her…wicked generation

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