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    Had I Know I Would Not Have Married Him. Help!

    Had I Know I Would Not Have Married Him

    Had I know I would not have married him.

    I will not forget in a hurry that fateful day I meet Edward. And, I wish our path would not have crossed.

    I was a final year Accounting student at the University of Lagos. It was during our second semester as we were preparing for my final year examination. Our lecturer, Mr Femi had organized a makeup class for all students in our department.  FM 411 was one of the dreaded courses in the Accounting department that you must pass for the senate to clear you as a graduate.

    However, the lecture that started in the afternoon dragged into the evening. It was obvious that students were so tired and hungry. To show the lecturer how tired they were, stamped their legs on the floor that stirred a little confusion, and before you know it, ”we are tired” rented the air. The lecturer had no other option than to call it a day.

    As I stood at the bus stop to board a bus back home, I couldn’t see any vehicle plying the road because it was getting so dark and the campus shuttle was filled up. I patiently waited. Suddenly, a black jeep stopped abruptly and asked where I was heading to. I reluctantly told and He asked me to get into his car. I scanned the car to confirm that he was not a ritualist before I jumped into his car.

    As Edward swung his vehicle to action, I thanked him for giving me a lift and I used the opportunity to tell him what happened in the lecture room. He paid rapt attention to the story I told him. He felt sorry for the stress I went through.  He dropped me off at my home, as I was about to alight from his car, he requested for mobile number, which I gave him.

    The following morning, Edward’s call woke me up when I was still sleeping because it was it was on a Saturday. He told me that he will come in the evening to pick me for a date. At first, I didn’t want to accept such an invitation because I barely knew him but after much persuasion, I decided to go with him.

    When on a date, He told me a lot about himself that I was so fascinated about, I was wondering why such a handsome man was yet to man. Day in, day out, our relationship wax stronger and one thing led to another, we got married three years ago.

    However, my dilemma started when I got pregnant. When I broke the news of the pregnancy to him, I noticed that my husband was not happy. I was so confused; I decided to find out what went wrong. What he told me was that he thought that I could have delayed getting pregnant.

    From that moment, his behaviour towards me changed. He was so withdrawn that he stopped talking to me. What was racing in my mind was that he was cheating on me.

    After I gave birth to my boy, I didn’t have any inclination that one day; my husband will sacrifice our son to maintain his stupendous well. It was too late for me to know that my husband was a member of a fraternity, a powerful secret cult that sacrifices their children to have ill-gotten wealth.

    The hope of having a blissful home was destroyed when my son was murdered, and the father of my son was an accomplice. Had I know, I would not have married my husband.

    What would you advise this woman to do now?

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