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    Unbelievable! See How A Guy Won A Lady’s Heart In A 31-Minutes Chat


    Undoubtedly, the simplest way to meet people is through social media. However, a good number of people who you might meet on social media do so for business or other formal objectives, and those who truly meet for a relationship have a tendency to fail, largely owing to men’s naive approach.

    Fortunately, a young guy shared his twitter chat how  he won a lady via the blue app by simply chatting her up. It was the dialogue that changed these two Twitter users from Twitter friends to a loving couple in less than an hour after the first message.

    I’m not sure if this counts as a professionalism mark, but he handled his online wooing in phases, starting with Twitter, then moving on to WhatsApp, and eventually establishing a rapport with the lady before eventually shooting his shot. I must say, it’s a strange pairing.

    “So here comes nothing,” to use one of the guy’s pickup lines:

    After successfully obtaining the lady’s phone number via Twitter, the man moved on to WhatsApp to pursue his next goal of winning her heart. He most likely had to message her on WhatsApp for the sake of formality or because it is easier to communicate on the platform.

    He praised the lady for quickly providing her phone number and then informed her that he had seen a Twitter message advising anyone who likes another person to tell them because they don’t have much time to spend in life, to which she answered positively.

    He flirted with her about God sending her to earth without her wings, so he used an idiomatic word to inform her she is an “Angel.”

    The guy then ran off all the promises he wishes to fulfil if the lady were to consider him as her boyfriend (woman blushes), after which he asked her straight, “I want to be in a relationship with u, what you say?”

    Our gentleman became poetic again  and highlighted all the delicacies he can offer in a relationship, but he omitted to mention his financial condition when the lady posed a hard question to him about what he will be offering her if she enters into a relationship with him.

    That prompted the lady to inquire about the missing component, to which the gentleman responded by explaining that while he is not particularly wealthy, he will work with her to develop long-term plans.

    After that, the lady agreed to the relationship and informed him that she would give it a two-week trial period and that if he did not keep his promises, they would break up.

    The lady further stated that if he does not improve after two weeks, she will end the relationship, and she also advised him to leave more information on how to properly care for a woman.

    That was the conclusion of a stranger discussion and the start of a nice relationship. Although the relationship’s ultimate point is unknown, the guy’s competence in wooing the lady is worth highlighting.

    Screenshots of the chats are shown below:

    If you didn’t notice, this chat only lasted 31 minutes because the first message was sent at 11:04pm and the last message was sent at 11:35pm, resulting in a 31-minute time discrepancy.

    What are your thoughts on this brief yet meaningful conversation?

    Is it possible to have a brief conversation like this and turn it into a friendship with a stranger?

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