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    The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining A Married-sex Lifesex life for married couples

    The relationship between sex and marriage is more complicated than we’d like to admit. There are so many things that go into sex and marriage. So how do we stay on top of “the game” when married?

    Sex is a crucial part of marriage. It is as important as marriage itself but why do married couples find it hard to keep it up. “The key to good sex in marriage doesn’t involve constant bonking, it is the understanding that your spouse is a fellow traveler through life” –

    It is very crucial to know where your partner is in their sexual journey, as well as yours. Knowing this will not only affect your sexual life and that of your partners’ it will also result to a more fulfilling marriage.


    Ideally, your married sex life is a long time contract that is even harder to maintain than a company. Both partners need to involved – and not only in the sheets. These suggested tips will help you improve your married sex life.

    1)     SCHEDULING: In marriage, you can’t center your sex life around waiting for the “right” moment. It can be tough to find an opening for that steamy encounter on your kitchen countertop. Speak to your S.O. and schedule a day trip to Sexy town (Anywhere that makes you feel sexy and gives you the romance vibe). Spontaneity is exciting. But so is the anticipation and the buildup. Setting time aside for sex doesn’t only make sure it happens — the anticipation also keeps the fire burning in both of your loins while you wait.

    2)    ACE THE ‘MARRIED’ PART AND THE SEX WILL FOLLOW: Healthy sex springs up from healthy marriages. There’s no two ways about it. A healthy marriage makes a healthy married life. And an excellent married sex life can support a healthy marriage. Being in sync in the sack keeps that ring from feeling like a shackle. They’re linked. Making a marriage is hard work and you have to choose to prevail.

    3)    COMMUNICATION: Communicating about sex when you are married will go a very long way to a fruitful marriage. Marriage in general is a two-person job and so is sex in marriage – you both have to be involved. A healthy sex life is not one partner dictating terms and expecting the other(s) to follow. It requires regular, open, and honest communication. You’ll find that there’s plenty to talk about. You may hear about a new toy you want to try. Or maybe an awkward shift in position accidentally led to new ideas you’d like to give a real go. Talking about sex opens the door for better sex.

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    It’s also a chance to air any grievances about the current state of play in the bedroom. This can be uncomfortable to discuss. But communicating the negative as well as the positive is important. Bottling up feelings can lead to resentment.

    4)    THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE: Love languages are very useful and they are literally useful. Wives, be more submissive to your husbands. Husbands should also be more kind and generous to their wives. Treat you partner with much delicacy. Learn your partner’s love language and teach them yours. You might prefer a cuddle. They may go for genuine compliments instead. They may show love by fixing everything in the house or making your meals. You might show admiration by writing them well-intentioned poems. This can not only help you stoke romantic feelings, but also avoid argumentative ones. If you don’t get many compliments from your partner, but that’s not how they demonstrate their love, you won’t feel short-handed if you develop that understanding.

    Show your partner how you feel in the way they want to receive it. It will improve your sex life no end.

    Passion out of the sack begets passion within it.


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      I read here that language of love, communication, scheduling are paramount in marriage.

      To add the aforementioned, spouses should know that their bodies belong to each other. Therefore, they teach their partners what to do during sexual intercourse in order to maintain married sex life.</p>

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