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    When it comes to the issue of true love, a woman hardly loves but if she eventually makes up her mind to love a guy, she will love you with all her soul. However, a woman can easily love the man who loves and appreciate her too. If you are a man and you have been in several relationships but haven’t found a woman that truly loves you, it means that you are at fault.

    Are you in a situation where a woman doesn’t love you? You need to check maybe you are lacking some relationship practice, or you apparently don’t know how to make a woman love you back.

    Every woman needs to be cared for and loved, even if she doesn’t ask for it. You have to prove to her that you deserve her love. If you can do this, she will love you forever and won’t deny you the things of the heart. So, what are those things you never do to her if you want her to love yon?

    #1. Don’t play with her true feelings

    The worse thing you should never do to your woman is, to play with her feeling. Some women usually come with a clean heart, they love and cherish their men without regrets, but most men misuse this opportunity. They tend to take such women for granted not minding what she needs and deserves. If you want a woman’s love, try to appreciate her, and show her true love. If you truly love her and want to be with her forever, you should show what you mean. She will appreciate and love you in return.

    #2. Don’t cheat on her

    Women are very emotional beings. They are easily felt heartbroken when their men cheat on them; they find it hard to cope with such a relationship. If you want your woman to love you always, you should be a faithful and decent man who loves his wife and care much about her. If she notices that you are faithful to her, and you don’t engage in things that will cause her to harm she will love you more.

    #3. Don’t take her for granted

    You should listen to her and identify the things that are causing her pains. Don’t be a man that is hard on his wife, beating and disrespecting her. When you listen and pay detailed attention to her plight, this will make her love you more because you have proven that you love and respect her.

    #4. Don’t tell her ‘I Love You’, back your love with your actions.

    Woman loves a man that surprises them always. If you love her and you always prove it by your actions, she will no fail to stop loving. You take her out on a date; kiss her when you are with friends. This will prove you do and she won’t play with your feeling.


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