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    12 Sweet Word Every Woman Wants To Hear From Her Man


    It has been affirmed that when you say sweet things to people, like complimenting their beauty and or the way a particular person is dressed, it makes such an individual happy and that effect would bring about a happy day. No doubt, we all love it when sweet things are being said to us. It makes us feel good and special.

    It is against this background, when you say sweet things to a woman, one of the effects it has is that it spices up their mood and makes them feel cherished and adored. And to this effect, I feel there is a need to write something about this.

    And so in this article, I’ll be showing us 12 sweet words every woman wants to hear from a man.

    1. My Jewel.

    When you call your woman your jewel, it is to create a notion that she is precious to and you value her a lot so much that you can’t do without her.

    2. We Are In This Together.

    Here is another sweet word you can say to a woman that she would like. This is more like you’re reassuring her and making her feel she can always have your support and you’ll always be there for her. This is a sweet thing to say to her.

    3. The One That Completes Me.

    This is a nice way to say she is a part of your life which you can do without. This is also a good thing to say

    4. My Property.

    Of course, no one wants his or her property to be liquidated. And this is to make her realize how much you cherish her.

    5. My Asset.

    You’ll always value and spend or invest in your asset. This is a sweet thing to call her. She would feel good.

    6. My Gold.

    Of course, no one dares toy with gold, you keep it with care and affection, so much that you will set your heart to it always and nothing must happen to it. And this is to make her realize how much she means to you and how much you value her.

    8. My Heartthrob.

    When you call her heartthrob, this is to say that she is the only one bat your heart longs for and no one else.

    9. My World.

    This is also a sweet thing to say to her. Try it out and see how happy she would be.

    10. The Only One That Makes Me Happy.

    When you’ve something that makes you forget your worries, you will always want to be with that thing and this is to say that you’ll always be around her and not leave her because she is the source of your joy.

    11. The Most Precious Thing To Me.

    Here is another sweet thing you can say to her. She would feel good

    12. My Heartbeat

    This is to say that without her you’re lifeless. That way you cherish and love her so dearly

    In everything you do, help her. Support her dreams. Elevate her. Don’t bring her down.

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