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    How pleasant life would be if you see a young decent girl who is ready to start a relationship that might lead to marriage? Dating is one of the most exciting things people (both men and women) do. It’s a process: a boy sees a girl from afar or hears from somebody’s experience about her and wants to be more than friends with her because we all know there are lines you can’t cross with a friend.

    He enters the process of chasing or wooing, which may take the form of texting, talking on the phone, or meeting one-on-one; endless choices. At this point, many guys must decide if they want to continue their date plans with the lady and ask her out or sever all contact with her. He could learn something to inspire or discourage him from pursuing his target by engaging with her.

    Now, some obvious signs may cause a man to rethink his stance if he sees them in a woman. Here are some examples:

    1. Has gold digger characteristics.

    I’m sure you get what I’m saying. She’s with you because you’re rich. These ladies are showing up all over these days. They also wear extravagant clothes and use high-end gadgets out of proportion to their earnings. In most situations, they have nothing to give you about friendship. It should be avoided because she will trap and drain you.

    2. She’s thinking about her ex-boyfriend.

    Guys, that’s a no-brainer. When a woman thinks about her ex, whether positive or negative, it’s a major red flag she’s not over him. She’ll almost definitely return to him, and you’ll be the one who’s gone.

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    3. You can’t please her.

    It’s a dangerous scenario. You’re doing something good for her, but she doesn’t seem to like it or understand the effort you’re doing to make it happen. She’s probably dissatisfied and nagging about it. The attitude is discouraging, and you may stop your relationship.

    4. She has a bad sense of style

    Wouldn’t you want a lady who oozes and radiates class and good taste as a guy? I’m sure you’re, and she’d lift your stand immediately and make you happy. No matter how lovely a lady is if her choice of food, clothes, or other things is awful.

    5. Her life is full of suspense

    I don’t really say it. I’m referring here to her reactions to various situations. She is overly dramatic and makes a big deal of the smallest specifics to attract attention and prove that she cares – an act that is often planned, naive and childish. This person would make you a fool without remorse and then accuse you. The type shouldn’t be dated.

    6. She seems so convenient.

    The truth is, while he’s a sweet talker, men like the thrill of chasing a lady they fancy. You should be careful with her if she seems too convenient, as this also means that she has had several encounters with men and is unable to say no. She’s still clumsy, losing self-respect. You don’t want such a child.

    7. She consumes a lot of alcohol

    This form is similar in that it lacks self-control and respect. A woman who heavily drinks is not a good option, as she gives the appearance of being unruly and inexperienced.

    8. Her mouth smells foul (bad breath)

    Male and female grooming is important. A woman who can’t lift her mouth to talk without shamefully covering her nose is a major red flag she may experience the same amount of filthiness in other areas of her body.

    9. She’s an addict

    This form will call you every hour to ask your whereabouts. She’ll assume you’re with another lady if you don’t respond to her in seconds. She wants to be with you all the time, leaving you with no time or resources to do what you really need. Please always stay away from her.

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      Ronkie babe

      Mr poster,
      Love is more than all these your self made laws. A serious guy knows what he wants from a lady.


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