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    5 Proven Ways To Discuss Sex With Your Children


    In this part of the globe, parents are shying away from discussing sex with their children. As sex is an important part of life for everyone, it is also important that children learn properly about the issue.

    Most of the time, sexual issues have been ignored as many parents claim that their children should not know about such issues while others see it to be an embarrassing moment to talk about.

    However, since parents have not deemed it necessary to discuss the avoidable topic with their wards, the children may grow up to get information about sex from the wrong people, and sometimes since they have access to the internet, these children can be exposed to pornography.

    Here are some good ways to talk to your child about sex.

    First of all, you need to start the conversation as early as possible. As a child grows older, his or her happiness will be affected by sex, hence starting the conversation as early as possible.

    When the child begins to ask some sensitive questions, then this may be the time to begin the conversation. Try to suppress the embarrassment and speak clearly so the child can understand you properly.

    Secondly, depending on the age of the child, some external resources may be used to educate him or her. Some examples can be talks on sexuality and let the conversation begins early.

    This will help the child to be able to deal with sexual situations and have more understanding about the world around them with sexuality concerns.

    Thirdly, make sure that your child knows that there is no separation between life and sex. This is where the child is taught about their sexual value. This will help the child deal with relationships, intimacy, and feelings thereby doing more than any school could ever do.

    Fourthly, make the sex talk normalized. Sex is a vast topic and it cannot be finished in a day. Encourage the child to ask more questions openly so they can know more about life concerning sex.

    Last but not the least, address the issue of pornography. Many people want to be better when it comes to intercourse hence these people turn to porn to help them.

    According to a study, the average age at which a child gets exposed to porn is six so it is important to let the child know about it.

    Let the child know about the difference between this material and real-life and let them know of the advantages and disadvantages of being exposed to porn.

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      Mr writer you should know that discussing sex with children in Africa is like taboo.

      As you rightly said, parents in this part of the globe will continue to shy away from this subject matter and their children will learn about sex somewhere.

      I was shocked to my marrow when I saw a 8 year old boy watching pornography in the church with a phone his father gave to him.

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