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    Dating A Colleague In Workplace: Good Or Bad?

    Dating A Colleague

    A lot has been said about dating a colleague in your workplace. Many people are of the opinion that dating someone in your workplace is not healthy, while others believe that there is nothing wrong with that

    However, a young man shares his personal experience when he dated a  colleague in his workplace, and he advised people against it.

    His story below:

    It was early August of 2020 when I got an invitation text to come for an interview in the newly established entertainment industry here in the East.

    We numbered over 300 who came for the interview and after much screening, 62 staff were selected.

    The daily training was intense and interesting too because of the Manager we had, he was so detailed and funny also.

    Amongst trainees were beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes and intelligence.

    The first day I saw my girlfriend, I didn’t feel anything, she’s very young and beautiful and opposing too (one of my likes about women). I realize she’s a little opinionated, hence she got my attention.

    We were all given appointment letter for our various positions. Mine was what I applied for but my girlfriend didn’t get hers, she was rather given something else. She came to me to complain since we are now friends and I told her that maybe the reason why she wasn’t given the position she wanted was that she’s short (Sarcastically, but I meant it)

    She got angry and opposed me (I have a thing for women who oppose actions, especially when they have reasons). I apologized and we got along……. Boom we started dating.


    The next month, I got promoted to one of the managers, everyone was happy for me.

    I have been a senior staff for like 8 months now and I must tell you that it has been a terrible experience.

    My girlfriend is choking the hell out of me at work. She’s very lukewarm in terms of carrying out her duties, when I confront her to do her work, she will tell me that I’m being too harsh on her. How can you litter your department like this and go home? she will tell me she’s tired, I will have to assign someone else to do it, but it’s her duty.

    This keeps happening all the time, if I shout at her at work (when she gets on my nerves) she won’t talk to me again for weeks and she won’t greet me at work. If I ask her questions about sales, she won’t reply to me.

    The most recent one was her and her colleagues misbehaving and I queried them, others replied to my query, but she didn’t. I wanted to let go, but one of the senior staff asked about her own reply to the query. I was forced to surcharge her N5,000 since she didn’t reply, which means she’s guilty.

    After I served her the letter, she got angry and said “all the managers in this company are stupid” she said this to my face. Something she can’t say to other managers.

    Mehn! I was so furious and I was walking away when she threw her book at me, in front of other junior staff. OMG!…… I just walked away.

    She’s still keeping malice (her speciality) with me. I am not happy with her either.

    I keep avoiding her so as not to get into more of what we are. But the work is suffering because of her dereliction.

    Currently, I don’t know how to tell her I don’t want to be with her again, but I love her.

    My advice

    Never date at your place of work especially when you are bossing over her!

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      Dating in a workplace is not good. To my mind, partner may not be able to contend jealousy especially a lady. She can’t stand seeing another lady talking to you.

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      It is no no for me. I can’t imaging myself dating someone in my workplace. NEVER…

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