What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done For Love?

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    What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done For Love?


    Have you ever done anything crazy things for love?

    We’ve heard series of stories of people who suffered and even died all because of love. Some people even decided to carry out some craziest things all in the name of LOVE!

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

    Below is a crazy story of someone who claimed to have done for love. Read through…

    Back in secondary school, we would hold 1-hour Christian fellowship right before closing every Friday, and the three-year classes will combine in a big hall.

    There was this particular day I and my friends were sitting in at the back of the hall and we thought it was OK to quietly discuss while preaching was going on.

    A senior who was sitting at our back kept telling us that we were disturbing. At one point I just got angry and told him to move to a different place if he does not want us to disturb him.

    The next thing I heard was a heavy slap on my face, the sound was so loud that people in the hall exclaimed ‘haaaay’ and the preacher stopped preaching.

    I held my face, stood up, saw that the preacher has stopped preaching and was looking at me. Then I sat down on my seat and did nothing else while having a feeling of remorse for disrupting the fellowship.

    To this very day, I’m still surprised at my instinctive reaction that day. Before that incident, I never knew I had such love and reverence for God. That to me fighting in the middle of the preaching of the word of God was something unthinkable.

    We would be very glad to hear from you. Share your experience.

    hmm, let’s see.

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