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    Chidinma Ojukwu Makes New Confession, Read What She Said Happened

    Chidinma Ojukwu

    They stayed in the same flat till Chidinma Ojukwu left on Tuesday. Workers removing trash bins were the ones who discovered the man’s lifeless body on the floor after he had been missing for several days.

    The suspect was tracked down to her residence by the police. Chidinma admitted during her first interrogation that she was the one who got the flat, but that the deceased paid for it. She claimed they were having a good time drinking and smoking together on Monday before the event.

    She claimed that the man tried to make attempts on her on Tuesday, but she declined because she was fatigued. Chidinma, on the other hand, stated the man became violent and forced himself on her. She expressed her dissatisfaction with what he had done before. As a result, when he approached her again, it turned out to be a really unpleasant situation. She admitted to stabbing the victim in the neck twice with a knife she obtained from the kitchen.

    Chidinma has now given a second contradictory confession concerning the events of that day. She claimed in a new interview with Crime Fighters that she was not the one who murdered the victim.

    She began by stating that growing up was financially and emotionally challenging for her. She stated that she was adopted as a child. Chidinma described her friendship with the dead, claiming that a mutual friend introduced them.

    Chidinma claimed that on a fateful day, the deceased gave her his ATM card and told her to go fetch them some food and drugs. She claimed that as she was walking out, the deceased stood up and locked the door behind her.

    When she returned, she knocked on the door but received no response. So she pulled open the door, only to see their duvet on the floor, their pillow and couch facing the entrance, and their bed splattered with blood already.

    “The floor where he was, was bloody and then music was on. The room was already disarranged like someone broke in. Then I saw him on the floor. I didn’t know what to do. I took my things with his things and left. I was just, I was afraid they would have me arrested for doing it because I and him were the only ones in the room.”

    “I was packing my things to leave, then I noticed that my cloth was stained. So, I changed to another. I took the bag that contained his ID, Document and bank statements. My bag was already on the floor. I saw my bag on the floor and the stuff he was with was on the TV set.”

    “That was where the stuff I took was on. So, I just packed them and just put them into the nylon and left. The following week, I was home then I went out to withdraw some money from the ATM I was with. I withdraw N200k”, Chidinma says.

    She said she withdrew the money because the deceased had told her that he would give her the N200K. Chidinma also said she did not have up to 5 million naira inside her account. She said she only had about N400k in her account which was the money she got after selling the Laptop that the deceased gave to her.

    “I wasn’t doing ushering when I was with him anymore. I was getting more from him than doing the ushering, so there is no need doing ushering. Ushering can be N15K, N20k. He gives me more than the ushering.”

    “I didn’t involve anybody,” Chidinma responded when asked why she was refuting what she said at the news conference. I’m not sure who must have entered the residence. Someone did that, but I have no idea who that person is. I’m not sure what happened when I went to get the groceries…”

    She claimed she just took responsibility because she felt responsible. She claimed she addressed the security guard and asked whether someone had broken into the apartment while she was gone, but the guard maintained it was just the two of them.

    Chidinma claimed that because others did not believe her account, she chose to blame herself. She claimed that no one had influenced her comment because she had been alone for a long time without speaking to a relative or a friend.

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