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    BREAKUP: How Do You Handle It In A Mature Way?


    It is always painful to break up with someone you have shared memorable moments with for a long time. Breaking up is one of the hardest things to do but here’s how you can break up maturely and if not walk away with a partner, at least walk away with a friend.

    A breakup can be awful especially if you’re on the receiving end. It can leave you feeling confused, insecure, and depressed. Breaking up isn’t easy to do, but it does not have to get messy with these few tips.

    However, a certified relationship coach shares the five best tips for breakup and how to handle it properly and as maturely as possible. That’s without being unnecessarily nasty, while also getting to the point and ensuring that you can walk away feeling like you’ve not only done the right thing but might be able to salvage a friendship from it all.

    1. Be clear

    People only wish to break up with someone if the person is no longer a match to their outlook, values, passions, needs, and desires. So before the break-up, write a list of what it is that you no longer want to be, feel or experience in a relationship so that you can be clear when you break up. Then write down what you now want, and visualize it.

    2. Fall out of love in your mind first

    It’s harder to breakup if you keep focusing on the one moment you were happy. If you’re trying to build the strength to break up with a partner, banish that thought. Focus on the top five negative moments of your relationship. Remember what you saw, heard, and felt during those times. Keep repeating the process.

    3. Be kind, but strict

    Breaking up can be extremely painful, not just for the person being left behind but for the person doing the leaving. Be kind and respectful as you begin to distance yourself, however, be strict with your boundaries because if you’re not clear, your partner may get mixed signals and end up staying around much longer.

    4. Figure out how valuable they are

    Only you can decide what your partner is worth to you. Are they worth a sit-down dinner or a five-minute coffee breakup? Are they worth a four-word text or one last night of passion? Sorry but only you can decide that one.

    5. Look forward

    Think about all of the things you are now free to be, do after breaking up. Go on a rampage of thoughts that activate happy vibes. Tomorrow’s experiences are always created from the thoughts you are thinking today.

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