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    Arsenal: Ranking 3 penalty taker options after Aubameyang miss again

    Arsenal: Ranking 4 penalty taker options after Aubameyang miss again

    When Laca was cynically fouled by Rose in a match against Watford, an interesting dilemma arose: who should take the penalty?

    Aubameyang is the first option spot-kick taker at the club for a reason: he is the captain, the team’s leading goalscorer, and a threat in the 18-yard box whether the ball is dead or alive.

    He, on the other hand, fell short. Again. With Foster’s stop, Auba had missed his last two penalties, something he had luckily avoided in his career. The lack of a rebound to make up for his error made this one even more difficult to accept.

    However, he was on the field with Lacazette at the moment, who is a formidable penalty kicker.

    Mikel Arteta has changed his pack around to feature both players centrally, and the two have been playing alongside more recently. And, while it may not have been a topic of the discussion previously, the issue has recently gained traction among Arsenal circles.

    Who should be the club’s first-choice penalty taker? There is no cause to change, according to Arteta:

    “He [Auba] will stay on penalties if he’s happy to do so,” the boss said. “You will miss when you take penalties – that’s part of your career and the job – [but] we’ll try to help him. “

    Is it, however, really that simple? Should Aubameyang be ahead of the pack when there are other highly effective solutions available? Here are the four possibilities for taking penalties in the magnificent ranking system.


    3. Ainsley Maitland-Niles

    Ainsley Maitland-Niles scores from the penalty spot during the... News  Photo - Getty Images

    Let’s start by pulling up the stats on Ainsley Maitland-Niles:

    Penalties scored: 5
    Penalties missed: 0

    He has, but only during the preseason and in penalty shootouts. And he hasn’t missed a single one of the five times he’s been selected as an Arsenal player.

    His aesthetic is all about good feelings. Ignore everything you’ve been taught as a kid in training or from seeing the finest players in the world; Maitland-Niles is him in a nutshell. One that is extremely difficult to crack.

    As he casually strides up to the ball with his shoulders languid, he does not commit to an area of the net until the last seconds as he waits for the goalie to make his move.

    In the five tournaments, he’s entered, this has resulted in a variety of finishes, including bottom corners, top corners, and Panenka’s. And once he’s scored, he keeps walking at the same leisurely speed all the way back to the halfway point. It’s confidence aplenty, with a smidgeon of arrogance thrown in for good measure.

    His placid demeanour is mirrored in his on-field performances, where he comes across as so relaxed that you’d swear he’s playing on a console rather than in real life.

    Do we have faith in his ability to do so in the Premier League? There’s no reason to be sceptical of him because he doesn’t doubt himself.

    2. Nicolas Pepe

    Revealed: Why Aubameyang let Nicolas Pepe take Arsenal's penalty vs Aston  Villa | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

    How is this for a spot-kick success rate? Nicolas Pepe has taken 12 penalties in his career and has only missed one. That’s an amazing track record, with a success rate of 91.67 percent.

    Of course, Arsenal fans will recall a recent miss that did not appear on the stats display, namely his miss against Hibernian. But that’s just pre-season, right? Doesn’t matter?

    In terms of his style, he takes a few rapid steps from a stop before striking the ball with his left foot, as one would expect from a left-footer.

    He has been known to switch up his approach, as he did in the Carabao Cup shootout loss to Liverpool, although he prefers to go down the middle by feinting that he will aim towards his inner post.

    Most significantly, he is an outstanding finisher. Pepe is one of the few players in the squad who you’d love to have pulled the trigger in and around the box. It’s the same as when you’re on the penalty spot. Sure, there’s a chance that going down the middle will catch the keeper’s legs, but that hasn’t happened yet.

    His first goal for the club came from a penalty kick, and he’s since scored in the FA Cup against Sheffield United, the Premier League against Everton, and the Europa League against Villarreal.

    What’s keeping him from taking penalties on a regular basis? Which candidate would the majority of supporters support? He must, after all, be the first on the pitch.

    1. Alexandre Lacazette

    Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea: Gunners end winless run in Premier League - BBC Sport

    To be clear, if Alexandre Lacazette is on the field, no one else in the team should be assigned penalty responsibilities ahead of him. Nobody, not even the captain, is to blame.

    Given how reliable he is from the spot for Arsenal, it may surprise some fans to learn that he has only missed five shots in his whole career. That’s where the surprise ends since when the 31 points he’s received are added together, he’s had an 86.1 percent success rate. This is a pretty good rate.

    But who cares about his Lyon track record? Lacazette’s spotless record in north London has piqued the interest of the club’s supporters. That is correct.

    Most impressive of all, he has scored all eight of his penalty kicks for Arsenal, and each one has been near-perfect. The goalkeepers haven’t come close to making a save. Ben Foster, who played for West Bromwich Albion at the time, came the closest to stopping one of Laca’s penalties (which was his first for Arsenal), and even then he had to guess the proper way.

    Lacazette’s penalty-taking has a beautiful beauty about it. The way he tip-toes up pauses for a split second in his stride to check where the goalkeeper is, and then strokes it into the bottom corner is almost ballerina-like.

    It’s not for show that he goes top corner every time; it’s entirely to give himself the best opportunity of scoring.

    It’s nerve-wracking to watch someone take a penalty for your football team (see: Watford), but there’s no uncertainty about the outcome when Lacazette is involved.

    Because they’re such close friends, perhaps Lacazette could take up the captaincy from Aubameyang while they’re on the field together, possibly as a farewell gift in his final season at the club?


    Read Also: Congratulations to Aaron Ramsdale – Arsenal’s October Player of the Month


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      John Adeleke

      i vote for Niles, that guy is a killer from the PK spot

    • #28170

      i vouch for Pepe, his technique is superior to that of the other players

    • #28173

      Niles PK technique is out of this world, even the way he approaches the ball sef dey make goalkeepers dey piss for nika

    • #28179

      Odegaard should be on the list, he is a good PK taker i gues


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