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    Uche Ogbona

    Carlo Ancelotti’s curious mismanagement of Alex Iwobi
    Solace Chukwu

    The 24-year-old could be so much more than a utility player if the Toffees boss would only give him a fair chance

    Fourteen months into his management of Everton, it remains unclear what exactly Carlo Ancelotti thinks of Alex Iwobi.

    The Nigeria international’s unique misfortune in being injured when the two-time Champions League winner was appointed meant he struggled to register in any meaningful way during the first half-season of Ancelotti’s reign. Since then, things have improved appearance-wise; however, the sense lingers still that Iwobi is no nearer to winning his manager’s trust entirely.

    The 24-year-old is only six appearances shy of his total Premier League tally for last season, and is already two assists better off. That paints a picture, but not the bigger one. He is more involved, yes, but curiously his role within the team has varied wildly.

    For the most part, his playing time has been divvied up between the right wing (predominantly), left wing, right wing-back and right-back. The results have been mixed-to-positive, with Iwobi’s intelligence in possession and ability to carry the ball into the final third particular…

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