My Fiancée Visited Her Ex Boyfriend’s After We Have Started Planning Our Marriage

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    My Fiancée Visited Her Ex Boyfriend’s After We Have Started Planning Our Marriage


    I am in my late thirties. I started a serious relationship with this girl name Amaka when I was in 400 levels at the University of Lagos. I made my intention known to her that I love her and I want to marry her. To make her know that I am serious about the relationship,  I told her elder brother, who gave a nod to it.

    The relationship went well initially and I was particularly happy about that until the unexpected happened. Amaka came to my house one day, as usual, we were chatted when she showed me some pictures on her phone. After a while, she slept off, and since I was with her phone I snooped into her phone. What I saw was a shocker to me. She was still having a sizzling romance with her ex.

    Based on that, I broke off the relationship with her, she called my line severally day in, day out, I refused to pick her call. I think she informed one of her friends, who used her phone to call me. Since I didn’t know the caller, I just picked the call, the caller introduced herself to me as Amaka’s friend and pleaded on her behalf. So, I decided to take her back and we continue our relationship.

    After six months she started showing me some nasty attitude and her character suddenly changed. When I asked her what the problem was, she said there was no problem. I noticed that when I call her, she will not pick my call neither will she call back.

    I went to her place to find out what the problem was, she told me that she was busy. Finally, she broke the relationship and left. I was heartbroken simply because I love her so much and I know how much I invested in her.

    However, it was later I got to know that there was another guy that she was dated, Report has that the guy she was dated was in Dubai, and she thought the relationship will end in marriage but their relationship didn’t end well. All this happened three years ago.

    During the lockdown period, I was in my home when my phone rang, guess who called? It was Amaka. After the exchange of pleasantries, she asked to know where I was living, and I told her One day; she called me and informed me that she was in front of my house. I received her warmly,  and I made her comfortable by offering her food to eat. During the discussion, she told me what happened to her over past year after we broke off. I asked her if she is currently in a relationship, she said no.

    Considering the fact that I didn’t want to have another relationship, I just wanted to settle down. I just told her that if she is my life partner, nobody will marry her until we finally settle down.  The chemistry rekindles back and I told her we should start planning for our marriage.

    After a week we have commenced our serious discussion on our marriage, she went to her ex-boyfriend’s house. When I got to know about it and I confronted her, she flared up and left my house. This happened five months ago. I am feeling hurt because of her unseriousness.

    Why some ladies are behaving like this. I wanted to settle down. Now, what should I do?

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      That lady is not good for you. Jumping from one guy to another is a red flag. I am telling you this for free  that if you go ahead to marry her, you will regret later.

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      Can you imagine that…  What some guys are going through – a pang of pains ladies give them is unbearable. It is quite painful. To see a faithful lady is like a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

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      Nawa… I will advise you to leave her. There are many fishes in the ocean. It takes patience to find that golden fish

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