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    ‘African Queen’: Read Why Tuface Idibia, Has Been Accused Of Stealing Song, Find Out What Really Happened

    African Queen

    When you hear of Tuface, the first song that would most likely come to your mind is; African Queen and it is safe to say, that is his hit song.

    The last thing anyone would expect is that Tuface isn’t the actual owner of the song, rather he stole it. When Blackface accused the singer of singing the song and in reaction to the accusation, Tuface said;

    “I have had series of meetings with concerned people. Blackface started attacking me right from when I decided to go solo. I tried as much as possible to give credit to anybody that contributed to any of my songs. I have never hidden anything away from Blackface. Both of us have worked together for years before I decided to go solo. And before I went solo, I practically informed every member of the defunct plantashun boiz.”

    So, there has never been a case of I stole or I used something that I was not supposed to use. And every time, he comes up with this accusation, the question has always been: which of the songs did I steal from you?  There has never been any proof that I have stolen a song from him. But he always says this at my back or whenever he’s granting an interview to the press. That’s why I said Blackface is the one who’s in the best position to answer that question. I don’t know what Blackface’s problem is right now.”

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    “It has always been on record that “African Queen’ and “Let somebody love You” was written by myself and Blackface. These were the only two songs that I used and I mentioned them from the outset. It was Blackface that asked me if I wasn’t going to include “African Queen in my first album.

    So, there was never a case of I stole his song. Both of us have the right to use the song. He had given somebody permission to use the song before, and I did not say anything. He has also done something with the song before and I never said anything about it. There were a couple of songs he used in his own project which we did together and I never reacted negatively about it.

    And every time he comes up with this bizarre attack, he tried to rubbish my name.” “My lawyer wrote to him in 2017. And the letter reads “You either stop saying that I stole your song or you sue me to court.” This is because if you don’t sue me and wouldn’t stop saying that I stole your song, I’m going to drag you to court. He somehow stopped the accusations after this letter.

    But later he started again. He has been accusing me of stealing his song for years.

    His attack did not start today. It started four months after I released my first album. So, it’s not as if I did anything wrong to him before he started attacking me. Months later after receiving the legal warning, he started attacking me again. So, right now, we have gone to court. I actually dragged him to court.” “He should stop rubbishing my name by accusing me of stealing his song. I don’t know what to do next than to take legal action against him.

    It seems Tuface didn’t actually steal the song as Blackface eventually made a public apology to the singer.

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