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    10 Shocking things you didn’t know about Prophet T.B Joshua

    Prophet TB Joshua is one of Africa’s most powerful figures.
    His name is known everywhere from the streets of Lagos to the market stalls of Nairobi.
    His fame reaches well beyond Africa’s coasts, past Europe’s coastlands, and into Asia’s remote reaches.

    The extraordinary climb to fame of this man of God is a classic grass to grace narrative.
    That isn’t the only odd thing about the prophet, though.

    familyliferng provides ten of the strangest facts you’ll ever hear about one of the world’s wealthiest ministers of God.,10 things about prophet T.B Joshua.

    about Prophet T.B Joshua

    10.His strangest prophecies

    King Davidson Emenogu, the current WBO International Light Middleweight boxing champion, once revealed that Prophet TB Joshua promised him when he was a struggling, up-and-coming pugilist that he would one day become a world boxing champion.

    Members of his church have admitted that the Prophet predicted Michael Jackson’s death.

    He also predicted the death of an African president in 2012, and Binguwa Mutharika, the President of Malawi, died a few weeks later.

    9.His inexplicable fondness for football

    In addition to fasting, praying, and teaching, the SCOAN Leader has a secret passion: football!

    Prophet TB Joshua founded My People’s FC, a football team for youth in the ministry, in 2009.
    Sani Emmanuel, the 2009 FIFA U17 World Cup’s top scorer, and tournament’s Most Valuable Player was a product of the club.
    Sani had been a resident of the SCOAN for some years prior to the tournament.

    Ogenyi Onazi, Sani’s former My People’s FC teammate, now plays for Lazio and is a crucial player for the Super Eagles.

    TB Joshua is said to have predicted the result of the final AFCON match between Zambia and Ivory Coast, the clear favorites.
    Against all odds, he predicted Zambia’s victory, which they did.
    In another case,

    10 things about Prophet T.B Joshua

    8. TB Joshua’s miraculous miracles on a regular basis

    It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
    Not since the time of Christ.
    Videos of SCOOAN’s healing of incurable disabilities and illnesses including HIV/AIDS continue to flood YouTube.
    There are numerous testimonies from people from all throughout Africa, including Togo, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and even Europeans.

    Medical papers from respected medical institutes are required before praying for any sickness in order to verify the miracles that are taking place.
    Tonto Dikeh, a prominent Nollywood actor, revealed that TB Joshua’s prayers on Emmanuel TV helped her quit smoking after 14 years.

    The prophet has also claimed to have healed a slew of other popular figures and celebrities.

    7.       TB Joshua’s strange church members

    Ghana’s late president, John Atta Mills, was a prominent follower and friend of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. So is South Africa’s Winnie Mandela.

    Notable Ghanaian human rights lawyer Kwabla Senanu has publicly proclaimed his membership. Musician Dennis Williams, famous Nigerian actress Camilla Mberekpe,  and Super Eagles energetic midfielder, Ogeyi Onazi have all given testimonies of how their interaction with Prophet TB Joshua has influenced their lives positively.

    The guest list continues to grow: Patience Goodluck, wife of Nigeria’s President. Star actor Jim Iyke Late former Zambian President Frederick Chiluba. How influential can a Prophet get?

    10 things about T.B Joshua

    6. His other strange church items

    However, Holy Water isn’t the only item for sale at the church.
    Apart from the anointing water, other popular purchases at the SCOAN include car stickers, books, and specialty oils.

    People have criticized the church for exploiting poor people who are just trying to get out of poverty.
    “Jesus Christ never sold these things,” one well-known clergyman was quoted as saying.
    According to Forbes, Prophet TB Joshua is worth up to $15 million.
    For someone who isn’t a traditional businessman, that’s a big sum of money.


    Read also:TB Joshua’s Daughter Marries, Holds Third Wedding Ceremony In 6 Months

    5.       TB Joshua’s unusual anointing water

    Healing and miracle works are key components of Prophet JB Joshua’s calling. Many have received their healing through water prayed to by Prophet Joshua. If you can but obtain the ‘Holy Water’ even if you can’t physically go to the Synagogue in Lagos, your healing might just be next.

    This weird conviction sparked a stampede in Ghana which resulted in the death of at least four people with several others injured.

    The Holy Water usually costs a nominal fee but there are special occasions where it is distributed for free

    4. The strange attraction of TB Joshua

    Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry grew to become one of the most sought-after ministers of God in the world when God delivered his promises to him.

    His church headquarters in Lagos, the Synagogue Church of All Nations, or SCOAN, has more weekly attendees than the Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London combined.
    It serves as both a religious sanctuary and a tourist attraction.

    3. TB Joshua’s profession of choice

    Joshua attempted to join the Nigerian army in order to avoid becoming entirely worthless or resorting to a life of crime.
    Despite the fact that he was aware that God was preparing him for a higher calling.
    But, like Jonah in the Bible, he was fleeing an uncertain future in the ministry in favor of a secure one in the military.

    He was one of those who was enlisted, but you can’t outsmart God.
    Due to a last-minute train failure en route to the military academy, he was unable to take advantage of the opportunity.

    2. The illiteracy background of Prophet TB Joshua

    Joshua did not complete even a single year of high school.
    He didn’t have to, not that he didn’t want to.
    But, being from a low-income family, he had little educational support from his parents and relatives.

    To keep his body and soul together, he had to work menial jobs.
    Carrying chicken manure on a poultry farm was the kind of job he survived on as a man with no training or skill.

    1.  TB Joshua’s strange birth

    Even teenage ladies are aware that if they become pregnant, a baby is due in nine months.
    Any time before that is considered premature, and any time after that is considered a delay.
    No woman wishes for even a month’s postponement.
    And it becomes much stranger when a baby spends the better part of a year and a half in his mother’s womb.

    Joshua’s mother was heavily pregnant, and it took her 15 months to give birth to her child, which was the first major indication that her child was a strange being.



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