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    Aaron Ramsdale: 4 reasons Arsenal man should keep his place


    Mikel Arteta’s starting lineup against Norwich included five new players, and if fans were hoping for a drastically different Arsenal after the 5-0 thrashing at Manchester City, they got it visually.

    There was also an improvement on the field. We hasten to add that not a lot, because a lack of conversion and failing to carve open the surplus of clear-cut opportunities remained prevalent. It was, however, different.

    Certainly in terms of personnel.

    Despite being the least engaged of all the newcomers to feature on the day, Aaron Ramsdale stood out as the most noticeable change to the starting lineup.

    Up until this point, Bernd Leno hadn’t done much wrong. Without a doubt, his performance against Brentford was terrible, and he did misread the flight of the ball for City’s first, but he was also fouled for the Bees’ second goal, and Calum Chambers’ inefficiency ensured Ilkay Gundogan was winning that header anyhow.

    The German may have felt cheated when he was benched for match week four.

    It would have been a mistake to spend £24 million on a backup goalkeeper to sit and observe the 29-year-old all season, as it would have been a bad use of resources when other aspects of the squad required attention.

    There has, however, been a change of plans. Arteta has completed the shift that was originally planned to be gradual. It’s Ramsdale’s shirt that’s on the line. And, as a result, the investment seems more justifiable, even if two games don’t negate the price tag or prove that Ramsdale is a goalie capable of turning the tide for Arsenal.

    Arsenal should not look back on this decision after it has been taken. Here are some reasons why Ramsdale should keep his job, with no mention of his real skill because that would be hypothetical. We still don’t know how good he is.


    1. His Communication With the Arsenal Defence

    Takehiro Tomiyasu and Aaron Ramsdale - His Communication With the Arsenal Defence
    Tomiyasu and Ramsdale – His Communication With the Arsenal Defence

    To keep the Citizens from making sausages out of Arsenal, Leno made a series of strong stops: they were already mincemeat.

    Leno does not take responsibility for Cedric, Holding, Chambers, or Kolasinac’s conduct, but he does have a hand in how they were organized. Perhaps I’m being too harsh on Arsenal’s second-string defence and doing City’s combative forward play a disservice, but there was apparent division throughout the game.

    Nobody knew where they were going, how far they had to walk, or where the dead were. It was a shambles. Inside the penalty box, Leno has to have a say. He has the best vantage point on the field.

    Meanwhile, Ramsdale does not remain silent for the entire 90 minutes, barking, reshuffling, informing, and instructing. Such encounters, such as seeing him put up his wall against Norwich and then physically applaud his defenders for their role in preventing the free-kick, go a long way toward uniting a group and fostering confidence and security.

    Arteta highlighted his chemistry and energy. His teammates sensed a sense of tranquillity emanating from his rich northern accent. While this has nothing to do with ability, it can have a similar effect in terms of fostering peace and trust. Now you have a blank slate to work with.

    Leno has a habit of going silent. Ramsdale had never heard of the term.

    2. The Arsenal Fans Have Rallied Behind Him

    The Arsenal Fans Have Rallied Behind Him
    The Arsenal Fans Have Rallied Behind Him

    If they ask what the best part of the season has been thus far, only “the fans” will suffice. With an abysmal start and a lot of anxiety, the support at home and abroad has been fantastic.

    The crowd response at the Hawthorns and the Emirates last time out was fantastic, and few players have had such a warm welcome as Ramsdale. He and Arsenal’s supporters got along like a house on fire. In…two games, he’s practically become a cult figure?

    The bond he’s built with the fans, reinforced by his dynamic presence on and off the field, is one that must be maintained throughout the season.

    The bond between fans and players must be strong, and the fans’ unwavering support for this struggling team is a testament to their outstanding support. An enthusiastic Arsenal audience has a knock-on impact on the team’s performance, and Ramsdale has offered an enticing bridge to preserve that relationship.

    It’s remarkable how rapidly he’s gained popularity. The way he speaks and behaves himself undoubtedly helped, and there will also be a sense of unity following the heinous internet trolls who tormented him before he joined. It’s amazing how few people understand what the word support means.

    3. Ramsdale Adds Freshness to the Arsenal Team

    Always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always If you leave it out, it will become stale.

    For weeks, this Arsenal team had been left with the bag open and exposed to the elements. It felt like I was transported back to 2017 when I was watching the team that faced Man City. That defence was not only hopeless and unprepared to win that game, but it also did not energise the team emotionally. It’s not a team that supporters can get behind.

    It had become stale.

    Arteta’s choice to pitch five new recruits in that Norwich side wasn’t just based on their skill. With the international break having just ended and the transfer window has officially closed, that game was promoted as the ‘first of the season.’ It was an opportunity to start over and re-engage supporters.

    Putting out a team like that in front of home fans in the sunshine of north London provided an opportunity to refocus and redetermine Arsenal’s course for the season. As much as anything else on the pitch, having the club’s second most expensive English player in history in goal signalled that.

    The goal with the youthful revamp was to re-energise the entire club, and a sprightly new face in the net to help the players and spectators mentally shift away from the failures of previous seasons can have that effect. It has already done so in the tiny sample size that has been used thus far.

    4. Going Back to Leno Disrupts Continuity

    It would be strange for Arteta to return to Leno now, given the obvious arguments for Ramsdale continuing his job. After the extended international break, Ramsdale was called up for a crucial Premier League match, one in which he preserved a clean sheet, so why jeopardize that by leaving him out?

    It wouldn’t make any sense.

    You reward individuals who work hard for their stripes, and there’s nothing Ramsdale did against Norwich that justifies him being demoted.

    There was even some forethought behind his selection, since handing him his league start to Burnley might not have been the best decision. Crosses will be thrown in from all angles, and while Ramsdale is experienced with the lower levels, he doesn’t need that approach in front of a defence he isn’t comfortable with.

    His case is aided by the fact that he is a goalie who isn’t tethered to his line.

    But, in general, it’s about generating traction and laying a basis on which to build. Chopping and altering from that method now, with a clean sheet and a win in the bag, seems nonsensical. Especially when Arsenal is attempting to establish a winning streak.


    Read Also: 18 Reasons Why Leno Is Not Arsenal’s Number 1 Anymore 


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      de gea is still the best keeper in the league

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      John Adeleke



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