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    Ronkie babe

    To Desperate Ladies (A True Life A Story of A Desperate Lady)


    To Desperate Ladies (A True Life A Story of A Desperate Lady)

    She was a desperate lady. She was in desperate need of a husband. No man is proposing to her and she is not getting younger. Her life seems miserable without marriage, she is desperate to do anything for marriage. She has been going from one prayer house to the other to make sure her marriage comes to pass.

    On this fateful day, a concerned friend told her that she knows a powerful man of God somewhere, if she can just meet with him she will get married in a short time.

    Being a desperate sister, she travelled from her place to another city to see this powerful man of God.


    She got to the church premises, she saw the pastor going to his office with some people following him. She thought it was those who want to see the pastor as well, so she joined them.


    They entered into a room, the doors opened by itself, the place was well decorated, very big and beautiful. And then she saw all the people looking up to a particular side of the room, she raised her head to look as well. Lo and behold she saw a very big snake folded on top of the sacred alter communicating with the powerful pastor.

    Immediately the snake saw her, it begin to lose it’s folded body getting ready to attack. She became frightened, everywhere became locked automatically. She thought of her death, and no one will even know where she is.

    She then acknowledged that she has sinned, she called on Jesus to have mercy on her, “Jesus son of David, have mercy on me”, she said.

    Fortunately, Jesus had mercy on her, and the doors opened for her, she ran out like a mad man. When she got out, while she was seated panting, an unseen hand came and twisted her ears, warned her not to tell the name of the church nor pastor, but she can give her testimony at her church.

    She gave the testimony truly at her church.

    •…… •`………………………………•……………•

    Having the need to get married is normal, but wanting to get married at all cost is desperation and it’s very dangerous.


    1. LOSE YOUR INNER PEACE: A lady who is desperate to get married is at war with herself. She thinks she has been cursed, not beautiful, tnot good enough etc. This thus makes her not love herself. Because she thinks she is not lovable hence no marriage.

    GET IT: Losing your peace because of marriage is not worth it, concluding negatively about who you are is a sin against God. Because God created you, looked at you and said, you were good. You are beautifully and wonderfully made.

    2. YOU DON’T HEAR GOD ANYMORE: You see, God speaks to those who are calm enough to hear him. When your heart keeps on thinking on marriage, you don’t listen to anything otherwise that God is saying. Sometimes, it could be God saying you should wait. Other times, God may want to tell you what to do so you can meet your life partner. But your attention has drifted from him to men.

    GET IT: No man Can have except it be given from the Lord. Don’t put God aside in your marital journey.

    3. YOU ENDURE TOXIC RELATIONSHIP: A lady sought counselling about a guy who beats her black and blue. Even the guy’s mother told her that she can’t even allow her daughter to marry her son if it were possible. She advised the lady to run for her life, yet she still doesn’t want to let Go.

    Many “good” sisters are dating “bad” guys that promised them marriage. Though they know it’s wrong but they just endure because they need marriage at all costs. This is very wrong as it is detrimental to your life. I don’t really know why good girls fall for bad guys.

    4. DIVORCE MAY BE KNOCKING: Some desperate sisters eventually get married at all cost but they don’t last in the marriage. They got married for all the wrong reasons and the reality of marriage send them back to singlehood.

    GET IT: Take this time to prepare for marriage so that it won’t meet you by surprise.


    I am not saying you shouldn’t wish for marriage, it is a beautiful thing. But, don’t gamble with your life because of marriage.

    • Don’t give in to depression because of marriage…

    • Don’t pause your life because of marriage…

    • Don’t turn your back on God because of marriage.

    Don’t give sex to every Tom, Dick and Harry because of marriage, you are not a public toilet ?

    © Josephine Aremo



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