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    What Should Be A Punishment For A Cheating Spouse? Lessons From Maryam Sanda’s Case


    Have you been cheated on in the past?

    Perhaps you never saw it coming?

    Maybe you thought this guy was not the type of person to do something like that?

    Often, when this happens, it can stop us from trusting other lovers in the future. Is that happening to you?

    If so, I need you to read this whole article carefully. It explains what cheating says about a person. Once you understand this information, you’ll find it easier to know who to trust and who to avoid in the future.

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    Remember the beautiful Maryam Sanda who was arrested last year for stabbing her husband to death in the middle of the night? What necessitated her to commit such heinous crime? Her reason was that her husband wanted to marry a third wife.

    This is funny. Why? It is because before she got marry to her husband, Maryam started a relationship with him as a girlfriend, when she knew perfectly that the man has a wife. While he was married to his first wife, and she eventually became wife number 2! It makes it ironic that she didn’t want any other competitor.

    According to impeachable sources from friends and family, she has threatened to stab her husband on different occasions and was the reason for multiple interventions in their affairs.

    Maryam, who was on January 27, found guilty of stabbing her husband, Bilyamin Bello, a real estate developer to death at their Abuja residence in 2017, had in her appeal, maintained that she was denied fair hearing by the trial court.

    The court noted that there was evidence that the appellate murdered her husband during a fight that ensued after she saw a nude picture of a girl on his phone.

    Finally, she carried out her threat, Bilyaminu dead, Maryam in jail.

    Well, she was sentenced to death by hanging on 27th January 2020 and the judgment got mixed reactions from Nigerians, as many was of the opinion that since she murdered her husband, the law of the law must takes its full course in dispending judgement, while others were sympathetic to the case, and they ask court to temper justice with mercy.


    For me, there are some lessons to be learnt here, firstly, if you cannot stand a non-monogamous marriage (I won’t call it cheating, since he was within his rights to want a third wife), please get out of that relationship. It wreaks havoc on the psyche and can drive even the sanest person to do despicable things.

    Secondly, listen when your spouse or partner says something repeatedly; do not always assume it is a joke. She repeatedly said she would stab him and they disregarded it till she finally did it.

    Thirdly, there is love and there is obsession, one is healthy, the other is destructive. When jealousy goes overboard, it can lead to humans behaving like beasts. An obsessive person does not listen to reason or try to logically evaluate issues, rather they act impulsively and selfishly, only to regret later.

    My biggest lesson still remains leaving a relationship when it becomes untenable for you. From this discourse, two lives wasted, just because they wanted different things.

    A big question is, what should be a punishment for a cheating partner? Please share your thoughts on this.

    Thank you.

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      One thing I know is that there is law of karma. Partners should be contended with each other, and if there’s no more love, the best thing to do is to walk out of the relationship, or marriage  than cheating, so that story that touches the heart like this will not happen.

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