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    Anani Sunday



    By Anani Sunday | June 11, 2021


    Recently, I shared a short post that people should dissociate from their ex completely and to consider them as expired in absolute sense. If you don’t like this first sentence because you like to keep communicating with your exes, this piece is not for you.


    Some would say there is no harm in it insofar there is nothing between you and them again. Again, this piece is not for you too if that is your mindset. You are free to hold on to it.


    Let me tell you a story.


    As soon as I received the news of my university admission, I got a piece of paper and a pen and I sat to chart the way for myself for all my uni days.


    I listed clearly what and what I was going to do on campus and those I was never going to do too.


    One of the things I put down clearly was that I was never going to enter any form of relationship with any opposite sex on campus.


    But when I was in 200 level, I stumbled into a lady in the university library.


    We sat beside each other that day and I saw her student ID card.


    We were from same country and we also shared same surname.


    Those were some sort of attractions.


    To cut the story short, we soon began a relationship of some sort but I had to sever it afterwards.


    But she would not let go.


    It soon became obvious that I was going to have an ex that would not let go.


    Even after I got married, she was still trailing me.


    I had blocked her everywhere possible but she still got someone to call me to get some information from me at a point in time.


    I was so angry when I got to know it was a masked call.


    I have since been free from her troubles.





    If you have an ex but you want to have your marriage safe, it is advised you cut off all access to them.


    There are many foolish things you should never do with an ex.


    I will mention some them briefly.


    1. Never be in contact with an ex. It can lead you to falling flat into sin. No need to say you are a strong man or woman. I know you are but don’t do this. You don’t need it. You don’t need it. You don’t need it. I said that three times.


    2. Never agree to meet an ex in any place under the sun. Never do it. You could be harmed, raped or even killed if you they are highly jealous people.


    3. Never borrow money from, or lend money to an ex. It can destroy your marriage or relationship. Don’t take this foolish step.


    4. Never invite an ex to your wedding ceremony. I know you would say it means nothing but you are advised not to do it.


    5. Never initiate a social media chat with an ex. This too is harmless until you realise you are waking a sleeping dog.


    6. Stop following up on your ex. No need checking how they are doing. They will be fine so move on.


    7. Stop asking your mutual friends (If any) about how your ex is doing.


    8. Do not keep the phone number of your ex. Just a dial and you could restart what you had just ended. It is nothing but you are advised against it.


    9. Never visit an ex FOR ANY REASON. This is a repetition of Number 2.


    Stop doing senseless things with an ex.


    You should just face front for God’s sake.


    All the above points remain pieces of advice. You can take or reject them.


    The end.


    What did you learn from this piece? Share your thought.



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