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    9 Amazing Ways To Train Your Children (No 6 Is Very Important)


    The hard economic situation has made many parents fail in their obligations to train up their children the way they should be. Today is being celebrated the world over as children’s day. Have you trained up your children in the proper way so that they will become useful to you in the future and the society at large?

    There is a need for every parent to be intentional about looking after their children now in order to know what they are doing, who are they mingle with, what are they watching etc. This is also the right time for parents to inculcate training and teachings that would be of great benefit to the children.

    Here is a list of perfect ways to train your children:

    1. Be watchful over your child

    If a lively child suddenly withdraws from being his/her normal active person, patiently ask questions and get to know what the challenge is.

    2. Don’t get dressed in the presence of your children

    Learn to excuse your children whenever you are getting dressed. Don’t get naked in their presence no matter the age of the child

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    3. Monitor the TV programmes of your child

    Activate parental control on your cable networks so that when you are not home they will not watch adult contents

    4. Always ask your child questions about their friends

    When they go to visit their friends, on arrival make sure you playfully find out the kind of play they did and who they played with.

    5. Be mindful of the kinds of clothes you buy for your children

    Don’t buy revealing clothes for them as this may attract paedophiles. Also, make sure you dress decently too. Training a child to be mindful of what your children are watching.

    6. Don’t forget to teach your children about sex

    Give your children sex education so that society will not teach them wrongly for you. It is better they hear the right thing from you

    7. Always be mindful of who your children mingle with

    Don’t allow any adult to refer to your children as their wife or husband. If any child is not comfortable with any of his/her aunt or uncle, don’t force them to get familiar with them. When your children become obsessively fond of any adult, watch out to know what is really happening

    8. Always try to Involve your children in house chores

    As they grow up, teach them how to do house chores and you can start by teaching them how to wash their panties

    9. Teach them your family values.

    Let your children understand your family values early in life so that they can live by them. Also, teach them to be humble and appreciative to people at all times.


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