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    Do you know what’s a great way to get your day started? Having sex in the morning!

    There’s no denying that a fresh cup of coffee is one of the best parts of waking up. But you know what a good way to begin your day, too? The morning sex.

    That was right – get busy with all the advantages of having coffee and more when you get up early. Morning sex helps to make your working day easier. It can increase your level of energy and alleviate stress. With an orgasm, your mood certainly improves.

    And you’re bonding to your partner, best of all.

    There is no reason why morning sex should not be included in your daily schedule, to be honest. Please read why.

    1. Your body is primed and ready to go

    Morning is the perfect time for sex because your body is prepared for it, quite frankly. This is because the levels of estrogen and testosterone during this time are at their highest. Why is this important? In a study of 2013, you found that the higher the level you feel the higher your libido is affected by your hormone.

    1. He’ll last longer

    Hormone talk: the better the sex, the more testosterone. According to one 2007 study, high levels of testosterone will increase the libido of your partner and improve sexual function. An older review published in 2000 found that higher levels of testosterone can increase the strength of the erection.

    1. It’s a stress reliever

    Would you like to get rid of stress? Then have sex within the morning. One study in 2010 showed that pleasant activities can reduce your levels of stress hormone. That means you can feel a great mood for the rest of the day before you go to work.

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    1. It counts as a workout

    Sure, having sex in the morning may not be the same as running for an hour on a treadmill. According to research from Harvard Medical School, sex burns approximately five calories per minute. This is the same as walking. Would you not prefer a morning quickie to burn at least 75 calories?

    1. It’s good for your brain

    Would you like to boost your brainpower? The answer is morning sex. Multiple studies have shown that a mix of neurotransmitters and hormones, especially dopamine, the feel-good hormone, are released that can benefit the health and cognition of the brain.

    1. It boosts your immune system

    Researchers from a 2015 study found that sex can boost your immunity by triggering bacteria, viruses, and other germs’ natural defenses.

    1. It can help you look younger

    Morning sex might be your own youth’s fountain. Sex is the key to look younger for experts, since oxytocine, beta-endorphins, and other anti-inflammatory molecules are released. BBC News has reported that older research suggests sex could make you look a few years younger than people with less sex at least three times a week. Orgasms can even profit in various ways to your skin!


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