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    6 things every man wants in a relationship

    6 things every man wants in a relationship

    Men are wired in a peculiar way, what do I mean by this? Every man wants to be treated with respect from his woman. For men, their ego is of utmost importance. As such, the wise woman will treat her man with utmost respect.

    We often tend to overlook the things that men want in a relationship. Most of the time our focuses is on what the girl thinks and what she longs for. However, we must not forget that it takes two to maintain a successful relationship and that includes the men. In order to sustain a long and happy relationship, one should take into consideration the things that men want. Here are 6 things every man wants in a relationship:

    6. They want normal and regular communication
    It is true that men don’t like to talk about their emotions but the only reason for that is the fact that we don’t know how to talk about them properly.

    It is something women would talk about because they have some great ways to say how they feel and not look desperate. Well, for us, that is not the case. Once we wear our heart on our sleeve, you can see how vulnerable we are. The best way to talk to a man is to be honest and direct. If you ask him something, let it be short and explain to him why you are asking that. In that way, he won’t be confused and you will get an honest answer.

    5. Respect

    Men go at lengths to get the respect they feel they deserve. Call it a guy’s thing but having the respect of the people they care about means a lot to them. And this involves the respect of their partner and loved ones. Men want to be respected by their partner in terms of the job they are doing and how the decisions they are taking to affect the relationship and so on. If you don’t respect them, then you will notice a sense of insecurity creeping inside him.

    4. Love
    Every man wants his woman to love him. How? Give unconditional love. Show him affection. Be nice to him, especially when times are rough or he is feeling down.

    Treat him with kindness always, not only when he buys you things or is nice to you. As human beings, we need love the most when we deserve it the least. So treat your man with the kindness you would extend to your baby, spouse, or dearest relative, come what may and he will show you the same.

    Feed him with his love language, for some its acts of service, for others, words of affirmation, or touch. Whatever it is, find out what your man likes or wants.

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    3. Praise and acceptance
    There is no denying that the men species have larger egos than their female counterparts. Even though females require the constant need for approval and shower of praises, men need it every once in awhile as well. They also need a sense of approval from their partners regarding their jobs, ambitions and almost every single thing. So ladies, if there are certain aspects of your man that you like, then feel free to let them know about it. It won’t make them arrogant, but rather it will make them feel good and they will in return treat you better.

    2. Commitment
    Committing to a relationship is a big step for any man, so when you have a man who has made a commitment to you, either in marriage or relationship, pay him the same compliment.

    No games, please. Be transparent in your commitment.

    For some reasons, many ladies think it is okay to keep more than one man, but it is really not worth it.

    1. Security

    Security for men is an important factor in a relationship. We often hear the females complaining that they can’t get a man to settle down, however when the men do settle down, they are in for the long haul. Security does not only mean that the women will leave them, it also indicates being secured about sharing their hopes and dreams with her. To build a future with that specific person.


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