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    6 Profitable Business That Are Easy To Start


    Many rich billionaires that you know didn’t wake up one day to become rich. Dangote started his business small and build his business empire in Nigeria that shot him to the limelight. They say ‘ the longest journey must begin with one step. However, for you to start your business journey, you have to start it with a small business that is profitable and more importantly easy for you to run or manage.

    Here is a list of businesses that can make you rich in a very short period.

    1.  barbing

    With as little as N50, 000 one can easily begin your barbing saloon. A good balding machine can be surely acquired with as little as N6, 000. A mirror and a good chair for the business can also cost up to toN20,000. An average room for the business can also go between 5K per months. With all that you are good to go. On a good day, at a fairly busy centre, one can pocket at least N5,000 a day which can easily translate to 150,000 thousand naira in a month. This is a good business. Isn’t it?

    2.  A small butchery.

    With as little as 20k, one can begin this business comfortably. One needs to be specific about the type of meat he sells. In order to fully gain your customers’ confidence, one needs to be true to them. If at all one decides to deal with beef, he/she can begin in small quantities before progressing to large quantities depending on the customer’s flow.

    3. Selling boiled eggs.

    This is another profitable venture. A crate of eggs goes for N1,000 in wholesale price. When selling them boiled, you can make a profit.  Just calculate the amount of money you will make if you sell boiled eggs for one month.

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    4. Selling tokunbo (second-hand clothes).

    With as little as 15k, one is set to go. Depending on the type of clothes one wants to specialize in, it is the cheapest but most lucrative venture. It is also speculated to earn one double or even triple the capital one began with.

    5. Selling chips.

    Nowadays, this is the commonest delicacy amongst the youth is eating chips. The vendors can make their sales on small and large scales. They are also believed to give double profit to the vendors.

    6. Rearing chicken.

    With just two chickens one can easily have a flock of them within one year. But this requires more commitment since the birds are at times exposed to many risks such as disease and attack by preys.


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