6 Foods The Royal Family Never Eat, Some May Surprise You

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    6 Foods The Royal Family Never Eat, Some May Surprise You


    Royal foods are not prepared as straightforward as you think. With royal palace chefs on hand to cook delicious meals and plenty of opportunities to taste new cuisines during their royal tours, you’d think that no foods would be off-limits for the Queen and others, right? Wrong.

    Members of the royal family actually avoid eating some specific foods, whether it’s to avoid bad breath, prevent food poisoning or simply follow her majesty’s preferences. Are you curious to know what’s never on the menu? Keep reading;

    1. Garlic

    Loved by some, despised by others, garlic is a real love it or loathe it food. It’s no huge surprise then that the food flavouring, which causes distinctive-smelling breath the following day, is banned chef Her Majesty. The Duchess of Cornwall once revealed that when on official engagements, nothing with too much garlic is ever served: “Garlic is a no-no. You always have to lay off the garlic.” Palace chefs are forbidden from serving food containing too much onion or garlic.

    2. Shellfish

    Also off the menu for royals is shellfish, which carries a high risk of food poisoning. Former royal butler Grant Harold said: “It is a very sensible move to abandon having seafood when out and about on public duties. We don’t want a member of the Royal family having a serious reaction to food poisoning, especially if she is on an overseas tour.” We’re sure this rule is broken occasionally though; Prince William has previously revealed his love of sushi and Prince Charles has been known to sample shellfish. The Queen is said to always stick to this guideline though.

    3. Foie Gras

    The French delicacy was banned in royal palaces in 2008 by Prince Charles over concerns for animal welfare. The royal’s Deputy Master of the Household announced the rule in a letter to a Bristol activist saying: “I just wanted to reassure you that the Prince of Wales has a policy that his chefs should not buy foie gras.”

    4. Rare meat

    The Queen is reportedly not a fan of rare meat – according to former royal chef Darren McGrady, she likes her meat well done. Royals are also prohibited from eating foods containing raw meat such as steak tartare when on official engagements to avoid food poisoning.


    This is hard to believe but apparently, the monarch is not big on starchy carbs like pasta, rice and potatoes. Darren McGrady previously disclosed that the Queen does not care much for pasta and likes to eat meals containing fish or meat and vegetables instead. Other items that are said to be avoided include crusts on sandwiches, tap water when travelling abroad and spicy foods – the latter of which would likely disappoint the Duchess of Cambridge.

    6. Oysters

    Despite being a delicacy in many countries and a favourite at decadent banquets, the Queen and her late husband Prince Philip reportedly hated oysters, according to former royal servant Charles Oliver. “Inevitably there are one or two things the Queen and her husband do not like, and the hosts are duly warned in advance.” They are also not the most elegant food to eat – so it’s no wonder the Queen avoids them at all costs!

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