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    5 ways to lower high blood pressure without taking drugs


    High blood pressure can be a frightening and uncertain condition and many health practitioners recommend long-term medicines to control it.

    However, you can lower your blood pressure and get healthy, naturally. if you do not want to commit to medications.

    You might be concerned about taking medication to lower your numbers if you have been diagnosed with higher blood pressure or are on the cusp of development.

    You must be aware of the importance of lifestyle in the treatment of your high blood pressure. You could avoid, delay or reduce the need for medicine if you manage your blood pressure successfully with a healthy lifestyle.

    5 lifestyle changes can be made to lower your blood pressure.

    1. Lose weight and drop some inches

    Blood pressure tends to increase as weight increases and being overweight can also cause respiratory problems that may further increase blood pressure.

    The best way to control blood pressure is to lose weight. If you get overweight or obese you may lose even a small amount of weight that can significantly reduce blood pressure.

    Besides being overweight you can be more at risk from high blood pressure if you carry too much weight in the waist, so if you want the figures down, you can throw them out.

    1. Start exercising often

    You can reduce your blood pressure significantly by regular exercise for at least 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes a day. To see the results, you must be consistent because your blood pressure may rise again if you stop exercising.

    Exercise can help avoid the development of hypertension if you have increased blood pressure. Regular physical activity may reduce your blood pressure to a safer level when you already have hypertension.

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    1. Eat healthily

    You can lower your blood pressure by eating a diet rich in whole grains, fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy produce and skimps with saturated fat and cholesterol.

    1. Reduce your salt intake

    Even a small decrease in your diet sodium can improve your cardiac health and reduce blood pressure.

    1. Drink less alcohol

    Alcohol can only reduce your blood pressure in moderation. But if you drink too much alcohol, that protective layer is lost.

    Alcohol in greater than moderate quantities can increase blood pressure by various points and may also impair blood pressure medicines’ effectiveness.


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