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    A flat tummy is the goal of many and they can get this dream tummy with a few changes to their lifestyle choices.

    What must you do for the desired flat tummy? There are some things you ought to think about if you want a flat tummy; you don’t have to think too far.

    1. Relax and reduce your stress

    When some people are stressed, they might engage in stress eating.

    The body also produces cortisol due to stress. Cortisol overfills your stomach and causes you to build up fat.

    1. Reduce your alcohol and soda intake

    A lot of calories are present in alcohol. Moderate alcohol consumption will not increase you so much weight, but heavy drinks, especially around your stomach.

    The calories of alcohol are the same as those of soft beverages and soda. Twice as many calories are present in red wine.

    1. Eat More Soluble Fiber

    Soluble fibre includes beans, barley, potatoes, oats. Soluble fiber diminishes your body’s calories. Soluble fibers absorb water into your digestive system and reduce the rate of release of digested food into your belly.

    Fiber soluble makes you feel full as well, so you’re not overflowing. This reduces the size of your belly.

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    1. Drink protein shakes

    You must take a lot of protein if you want to lose your belly weight and have a flat tummy.

    Protein shakes are powdered protein forms that contribute to weight loss. They are made of powdered proteins, yogurt, milk, and other ingredients.

    Protein shakes increase your metabolism, making it easier for you to lose weight, decrease appetite and lose bowel fat.

    1. Engage in Cardio

    Cardio includes running, walking, and biking activities. Cardio involvement helps you generally lose weight and live healthily.

    Cardio also helps your stomach region to lose weight. It would be wonderful to run for 20 minutes each day.


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      John Adeleke

      good advice, i would see to it as soon as possible

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      i love protein shakes, they are my fav goto drink when i feel bumpy

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      Thanks for this.. will try it out… may be i will see difference in my tummy.

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