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    5 things to do to be irresistible to your partner


    If you do the following things, the strength of attraction between you and your partner is as strong as at your first meeting.

    Being irresistible means being so attractive and so tempting that your partner cannot get enough of you. It’s not only in the sexual sense.

    It will not matter if your relationship is long-established. It doesn’t matter if you are irresistible enough that you saw so many times and under various situations, circumstances, and positions.

    The attraction force between you and the partner will remain as strong as it was during your first meeting [or as close to it as possible] if you do the following things!

    1. Don’t be clingy

    Start to be independent, to be irresistible. Nobody likes an adhesive. Just because in your life there is a man doesn’t mean that your life is totally over now. Guys love women who don’t change their entire world for them.

    Men also have things to do, perhaps watch a game or hang out alone with friends. Well, if he calls you, go, of course. But it’s a huge turn to demonstrate to him that you go without him and do things yourself.

    1. Look sexier

    Visual creatures are men. To find out how to look sexier, but slowly and steadily so that the changes look subtle and not forced.

    Get a new hairstyle, add hot and colorful pieces of cleaner to your dressing room and make your eyeliners look really hot and work wonderfully with the darkness of your eyes. Wear a mild lipstick shade that looks subtle and makes your lips more acute.

    Remember that if you don’t want, you don’t need to use heavy make-up. If you look sexy outdoors you feel sexy indoors and that trust radiates.

    1. Make him feel desired

    That’s right.  Your partner wants to feel that you want to! One of the things to do is make your man feel desired to make himself irresistible. Engage sex, send cute sexy messages, say nice things about his body.

    He’ll probably keep coming to you if he feels wanted and desired with you. He cannot resist this is a pull.

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    1. Love yourself

    Love who you are, love your body. Take away all your negative thoughts on your self-image. One of the worst things you can do is to constantly worry about your partner and force them into confidence that their partner is so hot and so sexy, despite your partner’s unfailing reminder.

    Love yourself and your body just as much as he wants you to be. When you begin to love yourself, the positive vibrations it creates are automatically responsible for deep-seated happiness. This will make your partner irresistible.

    1. Be free with him

    Do not allow things to get in the way of bonding with your partner. When you are with your man, you may want to ditch all the good girl behavior your mum taught you while growing up. Be playful, wild, talk dirty, be slutty, be all with him.

    Don’t be the same formal woman when you’re working. Unleash part of you that other people around the world aren’t willing to show. Let the freak out of you [when he’s freaky, too].


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      looking sexy is my  main killer point… i make men drop dead even without holding a gun

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      ladies need to read this article more than men… nah em need to dey learn how to treat men  very well

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      Thanks for this write-up. God bless you

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