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last updated by Sam P 1 year, 4 months ago
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    Bisi Adewale

    Most singles are fond of not doing many things right as they wait for love to find them and Marriage to locate them.

    If you want a great marriage, do the following;

    1. GET CONNECTED TO GOD: Without deep connection with God, you may be a thorn in the flesh of whosoever you connect as Spouse. That is why the best thing to do for yourself before you are ready for Marriage is to get yourself connected to God almighty.

    Your connection with God will give you the right direction to go in life, will direct you to the right Spouse and make your path smooth as you journey in life.

    The marital journey is a journey you’ve never gone before, you will do yourself a lot of favour to go with the one who does not just know the way but he is the way and truth.

    2. FIND YOUR PURPOSE: Discover your purpose, turn it into a Vision and pursue your Vision. Marriage becomes better when two people who understand each other’s purpose before coming together and can merge their Visions and purpose not just joining their hands on the altar.

    Discovering your Purpose and making it a great Vision before you are ever ready for Marriage is a recipe for prosperous, joyful and fruitful Marriage.

    3. DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE WITH YOUR LIFE: Don’t just wait for Marriage, don’t just wait for a Man to find you, wait to locate an available lady, do something worthwhile with your life, make your life better for yourself, whoever you will Marry and your children. Go to School, get a good certificate, develop your skills, grow better, be stronger, and be more useful.

    A better you will be useful in Marriage, But if you get married as a dropout or half-baked graduate, your family will suffer for it, get up to be better.

    4. DEVELOP YOUR CAPACITY TO BE A BETTER SPOUSE: Build your capacity to love and care, to serve and nurture, to help and support, your capacity will determine how far your Marriage will go. Start reading books about becoming a better Spouse, learn how to be a great Wife or Husband.

    5. BUILD YOUR CHARACTER: Your Character is your Marriage, before you ever think of Marriage, work on your Character, develop who you are and get better on what you are doing.

    Develop an attitude that attracts the right people into your life and sustain a long term relationship called Marriage.

    Deal with anger, Laziness, Talkativeness, Oversleeping, Nagging, malice etc. All these are the gravediggers of Marriage, don’t let them enter your Marriage with you


    © Bisi Adewale

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      Sam P

      This one caught me,. “a better me will be useful in marriage”. Thanks for sharing


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