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    5 Things Every Woman Wants In The Morning But Will Never Tell You


    Sometimes women are scary and may need something quietly, but they will never reveal what they really want.

    They might be needing something badly but will stay silent because they expect you to know what they want.

    Every morning, your woman expects you to be romantic and to do something for them.

    Here are some tips of what every woman expects from you in the morning and won’t let you know.

    1. They Want You To Wake Them Up Like Babies
    Nothing gives a woman a greater joy than being wake up like a baby by her man. She wants you to cuddle her and whisper something that will send some shivers all over her body. They always want you to treat them like they are the most fragile beings on Earth.
    This is the part I enjoy from my man especially those sweet moments, and I love his arms around my body. This keeps my day as warm as a morning brewed coffee.

    2. Ask them how their night was after waking them
    It’s the dream of every woman to have a man who is concerned with how they slept. Every woman cherishes and loves it when their husband asks how they slept. They feel you are concerned with their well-being.

    3. They Want To Be Kissed In The Morning
    I’m not talking about hot kisses. Do you know that cool, gentle pecking on the cheeks that leads to passionate kissing on the lips? That’s the type every woman wants. It has been scientifically proven that kissing a woman in the morning helps to boost her happy hormones and increase her affection towards you.
    Trust me, we love that more than the “ I love you,” we hear every day. It makes us feel like we are the best thing that happened to you and it creates room for more bonds.

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    4. Told how beautiful they are every morning
    Women like to be highly appreciated. Waking up every morning and telling your woman how beautiful she looks every morning makes her feel very happy and motivated. It’s the dream of every lady to be appreciated every morning.

    5. They Want To Be Told How Lucky You Are To Have Them In Your Life
    Every woman wants to hear her man say that to her especially in the morning. She wants to be appreciated and see that, she is everything you asked for. She wants to feel like a Godsent gift in your life. This triggers her love hormones more and she won’t regret having you too.

    Doing these 5 things every morning will make your woman love you very much and she will never think of cheating on you.


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